Katja Kuehne - Stunning Fiancee Of Marcel Sabitzer

by Pragya Mon Mar 11 2024 Updated On Tue Mar 12 2024
Katja Kuehne - Stunning Fiancee Of Marcel Sabitzer

Katja Kuehne is the fiance of Austrian football player Marcel Sabitzer. She is known for her appearance in the German version of The Bachelor show

She is a Ukrainian citizen by nationality.

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Stunning Katja Kuehne.
Stunning Katja Kuehne. Source: Instagram

Married life of Katja 

Katja is not married yet, but she is happily engaged to her fiance, Marcel. They started dating back in 2017 and have been together since then. 

Her fiance threw her a romantic proposal in the Maldives in 2020, and she happily said yes. 

Katja and Marcel have a nine-year age gap. They are parents to a daughter named Mary Lou

Katja Kuehne and her partner, Marcel Sabitzer.
Katja Kuehne and her partner, Marcel Sabitzer. Source: Instagram

Being a father changed Marcel? 

Marcel and his now partner Katja are raising their 5-year-old daughter together. 

Marcel revealed that, since his daughter's arrival, everything has changed for him. 

He said his daughter’s arrival gave him a different perspective on life and certain situations. 

He feels fortunate to have such a beautiful family i.e., his fiance and daughter in his life. He has learned to deal with moments of stress better. 

Also, he gave parenting advice, saying that a child can have calmness only if the parents themselves are calm and raise them calmly, not if they are loud.

Katja Kuehne and her daughter.
Katja Kuehne and her daughter. Source: Instagram

Age and Net Worth 

Katja Kuehne was born in the year 1985 and is currently 38 years old. Her boyfriend, Marcel, is 29 years old

He has a net worth of $20 Million. His source of income is football. 

About Katja’s fiance, Marcel 

Marcel is a professional football player. He currently plays for football club Borussia Dortmund in the position of midfielder. 

He joined the team in 2023. He was born in the year 1994 and has his birthday on March 17. He is an Austrian citizen by nationality. 

Marcel was excited to play for Manchester. 

Marcel was transferred to the Manchester United football club as a loan player in 2023. When he came to Manchester, he was very excited. 

It is a big club, and playing for such a big team was a huge opportunity for him, so he was extremely determined to give his best to the team. 

He was happy when he knew about his transfer, and it happened so quickly that he didn’t have much time to think about it, so he quickly packed his luggage, booked the flight, and came straight to Manchester

He also got to play in one of the biggest stadiums, Old Trafford Stadium, and he felt really great playing over there. 

Marcel wanted to be permanent in Manchester. 

Marcel played for Manchester United for an extremely short time. However, within a short time, he found so many differences from the previous clubs he played for. 

It took him no time to get along with the team and his performance on the Premiere League as Manchester player was outstanding. 

He said that he found his place in the team, and the experience he got from playing in the club was much bigger. 

Being part of one of the biggest teams made him see the massive fan craze in the stadium, and he kind of felt that there were more people who cared for him. 

He felt so fortunate that he made his way through such a great team and wanted to be there as a permanent player. 

Unfortunately, he couldn’t make that decision alone, so after playing for a short time, he moved back to his old team again.

Marcel was disappointed. 

Marcel gave an interview after Manchester United played against Sevilla. He seemed very disappointed and talked about the match. 

According to Marcel, he and his team were doing great in the first half of the match. 

They even managed to score two goals and everything was going perfectly. 

Despite the good gameplay, the match ended with a draw, which was pretty frustrating and disappointing for Marcel

He told and accepted that his team went out of focus after the first half, and they made it easier for Seville to score goals. 

During the first half, everyone in his team was confident, and the chances of their winning were very high, but the ending with a draw was totally unacceptable for Marcel, so he looked sad giving the interview. 

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