Kay Lynskey- All About Melanie Lynskey Mother

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Kay Lynskey is the mother of actress Melanie Lynskey. She was married to Tim Lynskey, who was an orthopedic surgeon.

They are blessed with five kids. The two separated in 2007 as she couldn’t balance her work and house after having children. 

She used to work as a nurse. Kay is from New Zealand. 

Is Her Daughter Melanie Married?

Melanie is married to Jason Ritter. But she was married to actor Jimmi Simson before she met Jason

They got married in 2007 but decided to part ways after being married for five years in 2012

They remained good friends of each other even after the split. She doesn’t share kids with her ex-husband. 

She started dating Jason shortly after she met him in the dramedy The Big Ask in 2013

The two made their relationship official in 2014 by making their red carpet debut as a couple. 

They got engaged in 2017. The two welcomed their firstborn in 2018 and tied the knot in 2020

Melanie Lynskey with her husband.
Melanie Lynskey with her husband. Source: Instagram


Her daughter Melanie is 45 years old

Net Worth

Her daughter Melanie's net worth is estimated to be $5 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as a professional actor.

Melanie Shut Down A Homophobic Troll In The Most Iconic Way

Melanie played the role of queer woman in the show Heavenly Creature and Yellowjackets

She has confirmed that she is not gay, but she strongly supports the LGBTQ+ community. 

When the trailer of the show Then Last Of Us was announced on Twitter, she got trolled by the public, saying that she was promoting homosexual agenda. 

Another user tweeted that she was 100% gay. She shut down the troll by replying to him, saying he should push the homosexual agenda by showing up. 

Melanie Was Reluctant To Work After She Became Mother

When Melanie was offered the role in Yellowjackets, she was hesitant to sign up for that role because of her daughter. 

She said that she wanted to be with her daughter every moment. 

She shared she was obsessed with her daughter and was not ready to be away from her. 

She even said that she was scared to be away from her. When her agency came up with the offer, she said she couldn’t do that as she was very tired of her work and wanted to be with her daughter. 

But they convinced her to read the script of the show. She read the script and was talked back and didn't want to miss the opportunity to be part of the show. 

She said it would set a healthy example for her daughter that her mother was passionate about something, and she wants her daughter to be devoted just like her in the future. 

Melanie's Husband Loves Scaring Her

In an interview, Melanie said her husband's favorite thing to do is scare people. 

She said he has been scaring his siblings and people his whole life. So he tries to scare her too. 

But it is hard to scare her as she doesn’t get scared by small tricky things. 

She shared an incident when he tried to scare her but failed. He said goodnight to her and went to the room. 

She was up for 20 minutes, and the lights were switched off when she walked back to the room. 

It was all dark, and he walked on his knees toward her. He tried his best to scare her, but for her, it was weird. 

She said it was not that scary at all, and he should have leveled his game a little more. 

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