Kay McConaughey

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Kay McConaughey

Kay McConaughey is the mother of American actor Matthew McConaughey. 

She was married to her husband, James Donald McConaughey

She has three children, including Matthew. She is a former actress. She is an American citizen.  

Kay McConaughey with her son, Matthew McConaughey.
Kay McConaughey with her son, Matthew McConaughey. Source: Instagram

Married Life Of Matthew 

Matthew is married to Camila Alves. The couple tied their knot in 2011, the same year they got engaged. 

They are parents of three children. Matthew already had two children with his wife before they got married. 

They met in 2006 and dated for four years before tying the knot. 

Family of Matthew McConaughey.
Family of Matthew McConaughey. Source: Instagram


Kay is 90 years old.

Net Worth 

The net worth of her son, Matthew, is $160 Million

Kay McConaughey's son, Matthew McConaughey.
Kay McConaughey's son, Matthew McConaughey. Source: Instagram

Matthew Stole A Pizza 

Matthew opened up in the interview about his relationship with his dad, and in that same interview, he said he stole a pizza. 

He came home, and his dad asked him if he had stolen pizza or not. 

Matthew lied to his dad, saying that he didn’t do anything and was constantly saying no. 

His dad didn’t believe him and repeatedly asked him the same question. 

While asking that same question, his dad got angry and was forcing Matthew to speak the truth in front of him. 

Matthew knew that his dad would tell him that it was not good to steal pizza, and they would see if he had, but Matthew was scared and didn’t get the courage to accept the truth about stealing pizza. 

He repeatedly said no to his dad, and his lie was making his dad angrier. 

Matthew Fell In Love At First Sight 

Matthew has been in love with the same woman since 2006

He recalled the day when he first saw his wife, Camila. He was on the beach having fun and enjoying himself with his friends.

He was having a great time making margarita when she saw a green figure from 20 feet. 

He was like, what was that, and then he approached the green figure and saw a beautiful woman. 

Kay McConaughey with her daughter-in-law.
Kay McConaughey with her daughter-in-law. Source: Instagram

He made his first move and went to talk with her. 

She spoke Portuguese, and luckily Matthew was good at speaking Portuguese.

They talked, and after a few days, he went on a date with Camila

He then wanted to go on a second date and a third soon. 

He falls in love with Camila and adores how she respects herself and Matthew

The time when she met Camila, he knew she was the one.

Jumping Naked From The Cliff

Matthew was in the middle of the interview with Stephen when he showed a picture of him jumping, showing his body. 

By looking at the picture, he seemed naked, and when asked about that, Matthew said he was not naked. 

He was wearing nude-colored underwear, but his butt was visible in his picture. 

It was then when he said that he jumped from a 60 feet high cliff, and if he hadn’t worn anything, he could have hurt himself. 

He wasn’t injured, so he was sure he had something on him then. 

He also shared some of his tricks for not getting hurt while jumping from such a height.

Matthew Injured Himself Many Times

Matthew is one of the famous actors in the entertainment industry who has role-played in many movies. 

He was overweight and had to lose weight to fit in the movie. 

Matthew also suffered from many injuries throughout his life. 

In his memoir, he opened up about his forehead injury and wrote that he got 78 stitches on his forehead after falling from four trees. 

Also, his nephew rolled a jet ski over him, leaving a permanent scar on his face. 

He later said that he got his scar sewed up by a shocking vet doctor.

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