Kecalf Cunningham- Tragedy Of Aretha Franklin Son

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Kecalf Cunningham- Tragedy Of  Aretha Franklin Son

Kecalf Cunningham is an American singer, rapper, and songwriter. 

But he is mainly known for his late mother, Aretha Franklin, a famous singer, pianist, and songwriter

Kecalf is also famous for being a Christian hip-hop artist.

His music is renowned in the Bible and spreads the Gospel's message. His music style is old school. 

Kecalf Cunningham with his late mom, Aretha Franklin.
Kecalf Cunningham with his late mom, Aretha Franklin. Source: Pinterest

Marriage And Children

Kecalf has been married to Kafi Franklin for decades. They are very private people and keep their families under the media. 

They have not revealed their marriage date. The couple has six kids together. 

Five girls and one boy. His older daughter Victorie is also seen to follow in her father's footsteps. 

She is also a singer and a songwriter. And they do covers together. 

And not only his daughter but his only son Jordan is also a music producer Ariana Grande music. His youngest daughter's name is Gracie.

Kecalf's brother Ted is also a musician. He has played as a backup guitarist during his mother’s concerts. 

Kecalf Cunningham with his wife and their child.
Kecalf Cunningham with his wife and their child. Source: Pinterest

Kecalf's Parents, Aretha, And Ken Cunningham

Kecalf was born to Ken E Cunningham and Aretha Franklin. His father was a road manager for Arthea. 

Aretha and Ken were never married. Before Ken, Aretha married Ted White and already had three children.

Aretha got impregnated by a local boy named Donald Burke when she was just 12 years old

She named her child Clarence Franklin, and when she was 15, she again got pregnant and gave birth to her second son Eddie Franklin.

And after that, she got married to Ted White, but it ended soon. She has a child with Ted named Teddy Richards.

In the fall of 1969, she was on her Europe tour with her road manager Ken Cunningham. He was a successful businessman

They worked together well and soon fell in love. Aretha called him Ken Wolf

They didn't get married because of Aretha's carelessness in their relationship. 

But they soon separated, and after Ken, Arthea married Glynn Turman.

Parents of Kecalf Cunningham.
Parents of Kecalf Cunningham. Source: Pinterest


Kecalf was born on 28th March 1970. His sun sign is Aries. He is 52 years old and soon steps in his 53.

Net Worth

Kecalf net worth is about $80 Million.

Kecalf Career

Kecalf followed in his mother's footsteps by being in the music industry. 

He got recognition from his mother’s concert at Radio City Hall in 2008. After that, he caught his interest and followed his mother’s path. 

Being a singer's son, he made his mama proud. He has done several hits, and recently Kecalf gave tribute to his mother and others describing bible stories. 

And also he done some covers with his daughter. 

Kecalf Cunningham with his mom and daughter.
Kecalf Cunningham with his mom and daughter. Source: Black Excellence

Arrested After His Mother's Death 

Kecalf was arrested two months after his mother's death. In October 2018, he was drinking and driving

He got busted for drinking and driving under the influence. He was pulled over by law enforcement, and he was in an intoxicated condition. 

After pleading guilty, he was given a maximum sentence of 93 days in jail. Arthea's death causes trauma to Kecalf. 

Aretha died at 76 due to pancreatic cancer.

It was understood that his mother's death was not easy for Kecalf. However, he was close to his mother.

Kecalf hated the Respect movie about his mother.

Respect is a biographical movie about Aretha’s life. The film had already started shooting before Aretha’s death. 

But Kecalf was unhappy that the movie was made without any input from his family. 

He said he and his family do not support the film. And he took it to Facebook to call for a full movie boycott.

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