Who Is Keeva Jane? Daughter Of Alyson Hannigan

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Who Is Keeva Jane? Daughter Of Alyson Hannigan

Keeva Jane is the daughter of actress and TV presenter Alyson Hannigan. She was born on May 23, 2012

She has an elder sister named Satyana Marie Denisof

She also wants to follow in her parent's footsteps in the entertainment industry. 

Family of Keeva Jane.
Family of Keeva Jane. Source: Instagram

Married Life

Alyson has been happily married to Alexis Denisof since 2003. They have two children from their union. 

They met on the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer in the late 90s.

They were friends for a year and a half, and later, their friendship turned into romance. 

Parents of Keeva Jane.
Parents of Keeva Jane. Source: Pinterest


Alyson is 49 years old. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. She weighs around 52 kg.

Net Worth

Her mom's net worth is estimated to be $40 million. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actress

Alyson Lost 20 Pounds In Dancing With The Stars

Alyson has made it to the finals of Dancing with the Stars season 32

In an interview, she and her dance partner, Sasha Farber, talked about their growth while competing on the show. 

She revealed that she lost 20 pounds of her weight in the competition. 

She added she also lost emotional baggage along with her weight. 

Alyson Gets Nervous When People Mention " American Pie In Front Of Her Kids

Alyson was part of a movie called American Pie, which was released in 1999

Twenty years after its release, people still love that movie, and they still walk up to her and say her infamous 'band camp' line in front of her two young daughters, and she freaks out when they quote that. 

She said she loves how people still remember her from the movie, but she is a mother now. When people mention it, she wants them to stop, and she starts to panic. 

She said she did not want to have that conversation with her kids. 

Keeva Jane and her sister.
Keeva Jane and her sister. Source: Instagram

Alyson Shared A Funny Story About Her Husband

Alyson went to watch the finale of American Idol with her husband, Alexis

She said her husband was working on a show called Angel then. 

She said the story became funny because one day, when her husband was cutting flowers, he cut his wrist and had some stitches on it, and because of his injury, he got a day off from work. 

She knew the injury was minor, so she asked him to accompany her to the American Idol finale. 

She shared that the next day, when her husband returned to work, they told him that he faked his injury to see American Idol. 

Her husband had to show his stitches to him to prove that he was not lying about his injury. 

Alyson Loves Crafting

Alyson said that she loves decorating her house. She said during Halloween, she always decorates her house. 

She said for Halloween, she decorated her gate as Frankenstein and the bride of Frankenstein

She said crafting is her happy space. 

She said she has turned her guest house into her craft house, where she does all her crafting. 

Alyson's Daughter Freaked Out When Kelly Clarkson Sent Her A Birthday Message

During the pandemic, Alyson was struggling to find a way to make her older daughter's birthday special. 

She had planned a massive party for her daughter, but she had to cancel it, so she had no idea how she would surprise her. 

So she reached out to Kelly, and Kelly made a birthday video for her daughter where she was giving hints about her birthday presents in the video. 

She said she could not stop smiling when her daughter saw her birthday video. 

She said she was so happy and smiling all day long. 

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