Who Is Kelemework Elias Yigletu? Mother Of Elias Ymer

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Who Is Kelemework Elias Yigletu? Mother Of Elias Ymer

Kelemework Elias Yigletu is the mother of Swedish tennis player Elias Ymer.

Her husband is Yemer Wondwosen. She is originally from Ethiopia.

She studied in Moscow, Russia, and moved to Sweden in the 1980s.

She is a physician by profession, and her husband works at a dairy company. 

Her husband is from Ethiopia, and they met each other in Sweden. Their younger sons, Mikael Ymer and Rafael, are tennis players. 

Kelemework Elias Yigletu's husband and son, Mikael Ymer.
Kelemework Elias Yigletu's husband and son, Mikael Ymer. Source: Instagram

Elias Loves Visiting Ethiopia With His Parents

Elias has been to Ethiopia thrice with his father. Though he was raised in Sweden, he has a special place for Ethiopia as it is his roots and where his parents came from. 

He said that his parents feel comfortable when they visit Ethiopia like he feels when he is in Sweden.

He said his parents became happy when they met their friends and relatives back in Ethiopia, and his parent's happiness matters to him the most. 

He said his parents worked hard and sacrificed a lot to leave their home and settle in a different country.

Children Of Kelemework Elias Yigletu.
Children Of Kelemework Elias Yigletu. Source: Instagram


Her son, Elias, is 26 years old

Net Worth

Her son, Elias's net worth is estimated at $1-$10 million

Elias's Father Was Also An Athlete

Ethiopia is known as the nation of runners. This is because Elias's father also had a successful track career. 

His father was a sprinter. Elias trained with his father as his father motivated him and his brother to be athletes. 

He said he has to run with his father even after his tennis training. He recalled his father winning and participating in championships. 

Elias Told Why His Parents Left Ethiopia

When Elias's father turned 19, he was about to join the army, but his father's sister asked him to move to Sweden

His mother was also 18, and she was a physician. However, because of the situation, she could not work. 

There was no system or structure in that place because of the war. So, they decided to move to Sweden for good.

Elias Talked About Playing In Brisbane

In 2017 Elias decided to play in Brisbane. Before that, he was playing for Australian Open. 

He said he wanted to try something new that year and had heard much about Brisbane

He said it was a big and wonderful event organized by the Association of Tennis Professionals. 

He enjoyed his time in Brisbane as the people were friendly. 

Why Does Elias Choose Tennis Over Running?

As the son of professional runners, Elias's father motivated him to become a runner like him. 

But he never liked the competition in the running. Instead, he enjoyed playing tennis more than running. 

He said he was six when he started playing tennis with his brother in clubs. 

His father supported his son's passion for tennis, so he gave his idea of making them runners. However, he said choosing tennis was the best decision of his life. 

Elias Is A Huge Mike Tyson Fan

Elias said that he has always been a fan of Mike Tyson. But his respect for him grew more when he read Tyson's autobiography. 

He said that people always talked about his lousy aspect, and no one talked about his struggle and hardship. 

He said when he learned how he solely worked hard to be a world champion at the age of 19. 

He said he felt his dedication and passion for his work. He said he gave him the motivation to train hard. He wished to meet him in the future. 

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