Who Is Kelli Trainor? Mother Of Meghan Trainor

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Who Is Kelli Trainor? Mother Of Meghan Trainor

Kelli Trainor is the mother of singer and songwriter Meghan Trainor. She is married to Gary Trainor

Her husband is a music teacher by profession. She is a jeweler by profession. She has two sons, Ryan Trainor, and Justin Trainor.

Kelli Trainor with her husband, Gary Trainor.
Kelli Trainor with her husband, Gary Trainor. Source: Instagram

Is Meghan Married?

Meghan is happily married to Daryl Sabara. The two started dating each other back in 2016. Daryl said that it was love at first sight for him. 

They went on a double date and their romance began from there. They made their relationship public in the same year. 

They got engaged in 2017 and tied the knot on Meghan's 25th Birthday. They welcomed their son Riley in 2021.

Meghan Is Expecting Her Second Baby

Meghan made a surprise announcement that they were expecting their baby number two in an interview with PopStart Today. 

She recently launched her book and she shared the happy news when she revealed her book on camera. 

She also shared a video where she told her family and friends about their pregnancy. 


Her daughter Meghan is 29 years old.

Net Worth

Her daughter Meghan's net worth is estimated to be $14 million.

Meghan Talked About How Becoming A Mother Has Influenced Her Music

Meghan said that after becoming a mother she has become a way better songwriter.

She said that everything has become very important to her and that has impacted her writing in a good way. 

She said she wrote only happy songs and her whole album Takin' It Back is full of happy songs.

Meghan Revealed The Inspiration Behind The Song Made You Look

Meghan's latest release Made You Look has gotten massive love worldwide. She was trending on number one for weeks. 

She said that it was her therapist who inspired her to write this song. Her therapist advised her to go fully naked and watch herself in front of a mirror. 

She said that it was way harder than she thought. She was shaking when she attempted it for the first time. 

Meghan was always struggling with her body and after her baby, she has a c-section scar on her body so she didn’t admire her body that much. 

But she was learning to love her body the way it is slowly. 

She said when she is at home with no glammed-up things on her, no makeup, and messy hair her husband finds her really hot even though she is not glammed up in luxurious products. 

That inspired her to write Made You Look. She said she has been married to her for like six years and she still made him look at her. 

She wrote this song while she was showering thinking about how her husband sees her. 

Meghan Has Two Toilets Next To Each Other In Her Bathroom

Meghan said when she and her husband moved into their new house with their baby there was a lot of movement and she used to get up all night with her baby and wanted to go toilet quite often. 

There were so many times when she wanted to pee so badly but her husband used to be inside the toilet. 

So in her new house, she had an extra toilet so she asked a plumber to put the toilet next to another one. 

She said even the plumber was laughing listening to her idea but she was serious about it and he made it as per her wish. 

She said that it was the best thing she ever did. She said the fancier toilet is hers and the other one is her husband's. She said she would never change that. 

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