Who Is Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas? Father Of Ashanti

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Who Is Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas? Father Of Ashanti

Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas is the father of singer and actress Ashanti Shequoiya Douglas

He is married to Tina Douglas. His wife is a former dance teacher. They are parents to their two kids, Ashanti and Kenashia

He was also a singer like his daughter, but later, he left singing and worked as a computer systems administrator. 

Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas and his wife.
Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas and his wife. Source: Instagram

Is His Daughter Married?

Ashanti is not married, but he is in a relationship with Nelly. 

They met each other back in 2003 at a Grammy Awards press conference

After dating for ten years, they parted ways in 2013

However, they reconnected again and secretly started dating each other for months, and in September 2023, they revealed that they got back together. 

The two are expecting their firstborn.

Ashanti and her partner.
Ashanti and her partner. Source: People


His daughter, Ashanti, is 43 years old

Net Worth

His daughter's net worth is estimated to be $5 million

Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas's wife and their daughter.
Ken-Kaide Thomas Douglas's wife and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Ashanti Talked About The Murder Inc. Documentary

Murder Inc. documentary is a television series aired in 2022 and was co-founded by Irvin Domingo Lorenzo Jr

In an interview, Ashanti said she felt the documentary deserved to be celebrated and a vast platform, but the interview ruined it, as people wanted to see what was happening. 

She shared she did not want to be in that documentary because she wanted to protect herself, and she did not like to put herself into such negative energy. 

She said Irvin was not in a good space at that time. She added he only wanted ratings for the show. 

He said he was heightened because he got a huge platform to promote the documentary, which unfortunately was not in his favor. 

She said after the show was aired, the public came to her defense, and she felt grateful for their support. 

Ashanti Talked About Ja Rule

Ashanti and Ja share a close bond. They have worked on many songs. Ashanti said Ja is like a brother to her. 

She shared that he was in Hawaii with him, and he gifted him glasses, which she loved. 

She said two days after the Muder Inc. documentary aired, she met Ja on a show. They hugged each other in the dressing room. 

She said the love they get is fantastic when they show together. 

She added people love to see them together. 

Ashanti Talked About Her Album Falling For You

Ashanti released her album entitled Falling for You in 2022. She said her new record matched the 2022 trend. 

She worked on this album with Young Blue, and they wrote songs for her album in Las Vegas

She said she did not expect anything from Young Blue but was impressed with his talent. 

They had five records together. She wanted to tell stories from her records and add a 2022 spin. 

She said she would love to continue timeless records. 

Ashanti Talked About Balancing Her Professional And Personal Life

Ashanti is working in movies, making records, writing songs, touring, and traveling. 

When asked how she managed everything, she replied she was working so hard that she had to balance it off no matter what. 

She said on weekends, she had to be on a yacht or beach to calm herself. 

She said she loves to take time out and have fun with her friends, but after that, she had to return to work. 

She shared that she was doing shows on weekends when he was shooting for a movie in Canada. 

She said she used to write songs and memorize her lines while changing outfits. 

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