Who Is Kendra Shaw? Wife Of Julius Randle

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Who Is Kendra Shaw? Wife Of Julius Randle

Kendra Shaw is the spouse of Julius Randle, a professional basketball player who plays for the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association

Julius met his wife at a college party in 2013. They started dating each other after that. 

She is a fashion designer by profession. She owns a fashion brand named 'Kalore.'

They got engaged in 2016. A year later, they got married. They are parents to their two beautiful kids, a son Kyden Randle and a daughter Marley Randle.

Children of Kendra Shaw.
Children of Kendra Shaw. Source: Instagram

Julius Returns To The Court

Julius sprained his left ankle on March 29 and has not played any game ever since. After a few weeks, he returned and added 19 points. 

He led a great effort on the offensive boards and a critical final rebound. 

He played for 34 minutes and said he was breathing out in the game. But he gave his best to win points for his team.

Kendra Shaw with her husband, Julius Randle.
Kendra Shaw with her husband, Julius Randle. Source: Pinterest


Her husband, Julius, is 28 years old

Net Worth

Her husband Julius's net worth is estimated to be $25 million.

Family of Kendra Shaw.
Family of Kendra Shaw. Source: Instagram

Things Julius Can’t Live Without

Julius is a huge fan of Kobe's shoes. He has been wearing Kobe's shoes since he was 13 and has never worn anything than Kobe's shoes from that time.

While growing up, he looked up to Kobe and idolized him since day one. He said Kobe's shoes are his go-to while playing on the court. 

He also said he loves watches. So he has collected limited edition watches. 

He loves drinking Celsius drink before playing any game. He said the drink has many natural ingredients that give him energy before heading out for his game.

He takes his bracelets wherever he goes as it reminds him of his kids and wife. 

He had to have his iPad with him when he was traveling to any place. He said if he forgot them, he would buy a new one and can’t live without his iPad or laptop. 

He loves watching different shows every week. He loves drinking sparkling water. He said he is addicted to it, especially Twisted Lime. 

He loves to wear shades. Hot sauce is essential to him. He uses hot sauce in everything he eats. 

He is also into journaling. Whenever he feels low, he goes back to read things and notes his thoughts about what he is grateful for. 

He carries his duffle bag everywhere he goes as everything fits inside it. 

Julius Talked About His Son Kayden

Julius' son attends almost all of his father's games. 

Julius shared that there has been a slight change since he started going to school as he can’t travel anywhere he goes. 

He shared that he was raised by his mom all by herself.

He said he loves sharing his journey and experience with his son and living his dream with him. 

Julius Talked About Kobe Bryant

When Julius was in the Lakers, he played alongside Kobe. He grew up idolizing him, and to learn from him, in reality, was a dream come true for him. 

He said he learned to be competitive and admired Kobe's leadership style. 

He said he connected with every teammate individually to understand them well. 

He shared that he also used to take them for dinner. Sometimes he cursed them while playing. 

But they were not angry about it as they knew he was trying to push them to improve. He said he learned a lot of things from his leadership styles.

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