Who is Kendyl Williams? Stunning Daughter Of Jason Aldean

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Who is Kendyl Williams? Stunning Daughter Of Jason Aldean

Kendyl Williams is the daughter of American country music singer Jason Aldean

She was born in the year 2007.

Her mother’s name is Jessica Aldean. She has one sister and two half-siblings. She is an American citizen of her nationality.

Kendyl Williams with her parents and sister.
Kendyl Williams with her parents and sister. Source: Pinterest

About Kendyl’s Dad Jason 

Jason is a country music singer and songwriter. He is well known for his songs The Truth, Dirt Road Anthem, and Fly Over States

He was born to his parents in the year 1977. He has a half-sister named Kasi Rosa Wicks

Parents of Kendyl Williams.
Parents of Kendyl Williams. Source: Pinterest

Married Life Of Jason 

Jason is married to his wife, Brittany Kerr. They started dating each other back in 2012

Jason tied the knot with Brittany in 2015, and they are parents to two children. 

They have a son named Memphis and a daughter named Navy. The couple is living a great life together with their children.

Before Brittany, Jason was married to his wife, Jessica Ussery

The couple got married in 2003 and were married for a decade. 

They are parents to two daughters, Kendyl and Keely. They divorced in 2013

Family of Kendyl Williams.
Family of Kendyl Williams. Source: Instagram

Jason Cheated On His Wife

Jason and his now-married wife Brittany both started dating when Jason was still married to his first wife. 

He was already father to two daughters and was married to his first wife when his and Brittany’s photos were all over the internet. 

The couple was seen kissing each other at a bar, and after the photo got on the internet, Jason got slammed by his fans. 

He cheated on his wife, and the public was unhappy about his actions. 

Brittany also received lots of hateful messages, and because of that, she had to take her Twitter down. 

They both know that their relationship began at the wrong time and feel incredibly guilty for what they did to Jason’s then-wife. 

They both admitted that they weren’t happy about starting their marriage life.

Age And Net Worth 

Kendyl is 16 years old and had a big birthday celebration on her 16th birthday. Her father, Jason, has a net worth of $ 80 Million

Jason Got Into A Mass Shooting

In 2017, Jason went to Las Vegas for his performance at Harvest Festival

As he is one of the most loved country singers, many fans attended his concert to see him. 

He was performing on the stage and having a great time when suddenly shooting started. 

Jason and the people in the concert heard the gunshot, but as there was a performance going on, it took Jason and the people a while to realize there was a mass shooting. 

Jason wore ear monitors, so he thought it was a guitar amp. 

Other people looked around, confused, but then Jason saw his security asking him to come with them. 

When he got backstage, he knew that people were getting shot. 

Many people who attended the concert were severely wounded. However, Jason managed to survive. 

He later visited the victims in the hospital and felt heartbroken to see people getting wounded. 

Jason Is A Different Person In Stage

Jason talked about his family in an interview. 

He said he loves enjoying his time with his family, and when he gave this interview to People TV, he was in another house outside Nashville

He shared about what he loves to do: spending good time with his daughters. 

He and his family often go to his other house for a gateway, and he spends time swimming and playing with his kids there. 

He also opened up that he is not the same person as he is on the stage. 

He is pretty easygoing and relaxed in real life, but he looks wild and out of control during his performance on stage. 

Even the people who know him well in real life would say that they don’t know Jason performing on the stage because he is different when he is on stage.

Jason Loves Touring

Jason started singing and playing guitars when he was very young. 

He started his career in music from his bedroom and formed his small garage band, but now he is one of the most well-known musicians worldwide. 

Looking back to past things and seeing himself where he is now is different, and it was unexpected for him. 

As a famous singer, he now gets to go on tours and perform everywhere in the world. 

He loves touring as he gets to meet new people, perform on the stage, and share his excellent time with his band people. 

Some of the band members are his friends, and experiencing everything with them on the tour makes him happy.

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