Who Is Kenneth Harbour? Father Of David Harbour

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Who Is Kenneth Harbour? Father Of David Harbour

Kenneth Harbour is the father of American actor David Harbour. He is married to his wife, Nancy Harbour

He has two children, a son, and a daughter. Kenneth is a real estate worker by his profession. 

He is catholic and Buddhist in his religion. He is an American citizen.

Married Life Of David 

David is currently married to Lilly Allen

The couple met through a dating app and then started dating each other in 2019

A year after dating, David married Lilly in 2020 in Las Vegas

After he married Lilly, he became a stepdad to two daughters of Lilly, who were from her previous relationship. 

David and Lilly are very happy in their married life. 

David Harbour with his wife.
David Harbour with his wife. Source: Instagram 

Dating Life Of David 

Before marrying Lily, David was previously in a relationship with Julia Stiles

They dated back in 2011 and stayed as a couple for four years. They also lived together while they were dating. 

After that, David got into a relationship with Alison Sudo. They dated in 2019 but later broke up. 

Kenneth Harbour's son, David Harbour.
Kenneth Harbour's son, David Harbour. Source: Instagram


His son, David, is 47 years old. His height is 1.9 m. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of David is $6 Million. 

Enjoying As A Stepdad 

David is currently married to well-known singer Lilly Allen.

They got married in 2020, and after his marriage to Lilly, David became the stepdad of Lilly’s two kids. 

David said that being a dad and husband at once was a new experience for him, and he is now enjoying his life with his new family. 

He said that he loves his stepchildren, but his daughters never do the things he tells them to do. 

He said his daughters don't care about him or show no interest in him. 

He is a stepdad to eight and nine years old girls, and the nine years old loves watching his show, and she loves all the characters except his. 

Before getting married, he never wanted to have children, but now he gets along with his stepdaughters very well, and he is enjoying being the stepdad of Lilly’s daughter. 

Got Married In Vegas Style

David and Lily got married in 2020

As the pandemic started in 2020, it was not easy for David and Lilly to get married then. 

His wife is British, and he is American, and because of the pandemic, their marriage was not possible in New York and London, so they went to Vegas for a day and a half to get married. 

David and Lilly tied their knot in Vegas style and had their reception ceremony held at a local place, In-Out Burger

He also joked about King performing at a wedding in Las - Vegas.

Because of the pandemic, they had no time to prepare for their special day, and they did everything very quickly.

Felt Awkward Hugging A Person 

David gave an interview on the Jimmy Kimmel show where he talked about hugging the person who made his suit. 

He was there in an interview talking about the suit that he was wearing in the interview and said that a guy named Cifannoile made that suit for him. 

He said that he was so happy when he saw the suit and in the excitement, he hugged that person. 

While he was about to hug him, he thought it was a bad idea, but then he just hugged him, which was really awkward. 

He felt he shouldn’t have hugged him, and for 5 hours straight in Paris, he recalled that awkward hug with that person, thinking he shouldn’t have. 

He thinks that now that guy will never make the suit for him. 

David Got His Fans To Marry

In an interview, David talked about his tweets. Sometimes back, David tweeted on his social media saying that he would get ordained as a minister and get two people to marry. 

In his same post, two people commented, and David got them married. 

The interviewer also shows a picture of him wearing the costume of Stranger Things and two people getting married. 

David opened up that wearing a costume was a surprise for those people, and he was very happy and excited on that day.

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