Kent Damon

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Kent Damon

Kent Damon is the late father of famous American actor Matt Damon. Kent's full name was Kent Telfer Damon

He was married to Nancy Carlsson-Paige but later got divorced from her. 

Kent was a stockbroker by his profession, whereas his wife was a professor

Kent had two sons with Nancy. He was an American citizen by profession.

Relationship status of Matt Damon

Matt dated Skylar Satenstein previously. They both met one another at the University. 

They both dated each other for a year and then broke up. After that, Matt got into a relationship with Claire Danes

They never public their relationship. It got ignored as a rumor. Then Matt dated Minnie Driver

Their relationship didn't last for long, too, so they got separated. 

Matt is currently married to Luciana Barroso. They both met each other in 2003 where Luciana was working as a bartender. 

Matt was there for his shooting of the movie. Luciana never thought that she would be dating an actor. 

She was a single mother who was there for her work.  They got married after dating for two years. 

Matt has three daughters with Luciana. His first daughter was born in 2006, named Isabella

His second daughter's name is Gia, and the smallest daughter's name is Stella

Matt also has a stepdaughter from Luciana's ex-husband, whose name is Alexia. 

Matt adopted Alexia and treated her like his own. Matt has tattooed his daughters' name and wife's name on his hand.

Matt with his wife
Matt with his wife  Source: Instagram

About Matt Damon

Matt's full name is Matthew Paige Demon is an American actor who was born on 8 October 1970.

He is the son of Kent and Nancy Carlsson-Paige. His mom raised him with his brother. 

When he was two, his parents got a divorce.  He started his career playing small roles in theatre. 

He played his first movie when he was 18 years old.  After that, he started appearing on big screens. 

His famous movies are The Rainmaker, Invictus, We Bought To Zoo and many more. 

He has also won the award in his life for his role-play in movies. He is married to Luciana and has three daughters with her. 

He also has one stepdaughter from his wife's side. 

Kent Damon son Matt
Kent Damon son Matt    Source: Instagram

Matt Damon Got Harmed With An Accident

Matt didn't wear a sling-free dress while attending the Golden Globes, the famous show. 

He was there for the promotion of his new movie. At that, he opened about his injury that was caused by his collarbone. 

He broke his collarbone a few weeks back before attending that show. 

He opened up that he got into an accident when cycling on the hill. He failed to notice a large rock. 

That large rock was covered with leaves which made him ignore that. After that, he lost control of his bike, and he fell off. 

He badly fell over the rock and got a hard hit with rock, which ended him with a broken collarbone. 

So because of that, he was not able to wear sling clothes and showed up in a simple formal dress

Matt Damon Was Charged For Harassment

Many women in the past had accused Damon of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior

When Matt was about to release one of the biggest movies, women accused him of grabbing her ass. 

And because of that, she charged him for sexual assault. Many fans accused him, but most people also defended him. 

But he came up in public opening that he had never done those things to any women. 

He also said that those women wanted to do their work with his help, but as Matt denied them, they came up with false allegations to take revenge on them. 

He said that he respects women. Matt, the father of four daughters, could never think of misbehaving with women.


He was born in 1943. He died at the age of 74.

Net Worth

Matt's net worth is $170 Million. His source of income is acting. They yearly income of American actors is estimated to be $52,000.

Matt Got Injured In A Sex Scene 

Matt and Julianne Moore, his co-actor, acted as a married couple in a movie. 

According to the movie script, Matt and Moore had to perform a sex scene. 

Moore and Matt had very rough sex with each other. But things went exactly opposite than they accepted.  

They had kept a table tennis racket to make that scene look more genuine. But that scene caused Matt to get a mark on his butt. 

He also mocked, saying that his one side of butt color was completely different than others which seemed like he got hit by the racket. 

He enjoyed that scene, but he ended up hurting himself.

His Death

He is no more with us. He had been battling cancer for a long time. He took his last breath on 14 December 2017 at 74 years old.

He also had a rare blood disease that affects bone marrow. On the last day of his journey, his healthdeterioratedn.

Kent Damon with his son
Kent Damon with his son  Source: Pinterest

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