Who Is Kesha Barrett? Mother Of RJ Barrett

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Who Is Kesha Barrett? Mother Of RJ Barrett

Kesha Barrett is the mother of Canadian professional basketball player RJ Barrett who plays for the New York Knicks of the NBA

Kesha is married to Rowan Barrett. Her husband is a former professional basketball player

They met each other at St. John's University. She is from Brooklyn. She used to be a high-ranking national sprinter and jumper at her University

Later she worked for the Imperial Bank of Commerce in Canada. Both the couple was athletes, so they are very supportive of their son's career.

Kesha Barrett with her husband and their son, RJ Barrett.
Kesha Barrett with her husband and their son, RJ Barrett. Source: Twitter

Son's Relationship Status

RJ is in a relationship with basketball player Hailey Brown. They have been dating each other since 2018

Both couples are very private about their love life.


Her son is 22 years old

Net Worth

Her son's net worth is estimated to be $25 million

Kesha Barrett's son, RJ Barrett.
Kesha Barrett's son, RJ Barrett. Source: Instagram

Wanted To Be A Soccer Player

RJ shared that when he was young, he used to play soccer a lot. He said that he even decided to pursue a career in soccer as he was good at it. 

He joked that he liked his basketball friends more, so he played basketball. He said that he was always confident about himself. 

He realized that he was good at basketball when he joined Montfort Academy. He scored 30 in that game. He was just 15 at that time. 

Even though he lost that game but it made him realize his worth and how good he was at playing basketball. 

So, he ended up becoming a professional basketball player. 

Talked About Growing Up With His Athlete Father

RJ's father is a former basketball player. His dad played overseas, so he grew up watching his father play. 

He said his father played a significant role in shaping his career. He said he was the one who used to wake him up early and go to the gym with him. 

Is Very Competitive 

Barrett has a competitive spirit. His mother said he doesn’t like to lose when playing games. 

He is very competitive even if he is playing board games at home. RJ also admitted that he is competitive in everything. 

His family is mad at him for being so competitive at everything.

He is like, for him, every game is serious, and he has to beat his opponent no matter what. 

Guards The Opponent Team's Best Wing

In most games, the team plays on one end, and they attack at their weakest point. 

But RJ loves taking challenges. He guards the best wing. He said he always wanted to be a two-way player and help his team win.

He said that his team relies on him for the defense part. However, he said he has to take the challenge and is not scared of anyone. 

He added that if he is guarding, there is no chance that the opponent will score a point.

Share His Upcoming Step In His Career

Barrett shared that he always believed he could be an All-Star, so he wanted to achieve that personally. 

He wants to make it to all NBAs. As a team, he tried to get back to playoffs. 

He talked About Leading His Team

Barrett shared that he does everything to help his team win games. 

He said they could beat anyone when they move and share the ball. He said that his team spirit is excellent and is working for everyone. 

He said he brings a significant presence on the court while playing and tries to grow and learn as a leader every day.

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