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Kevin is the boyfriend to Miki Rai, a nurse, YouTuber, and social media star from America

Kevin and his girlfriend Miki are both working in the medical field. He has not married Miki till now. 

His partner Miki makes adorable videos of them. They both live together.

His Relationship of Miki Rai

Miki Rai is currently in a relationship with Kevin. They both work together, and they have been dating since few years ago. 

Miki shares a lot of photos with her boyfriend on social media. 

Miki has also posted a TikTok video of her and her boyfriend in which they are wearing the same uniform, which proves that they are in the same profession and same hospital.

Miki's previous relationship hasn't been known. She likes to keep her love life private, so she hasn't opened up about her current boyfriend's complete detail too. 

The couple is now happily living together, but they haven't opened up about where and how they met each other. They both look perfect in their photos. 

Miki with her boyfriend, Kevin
Miki with her boyfriend, Kevin  Source: Instagram

About Miki Rai

On 19 December 1996, Miki was born in America. Her parents are from South Asia who is living in the USA

She has been interested in medical science since her childhood days.  She had completed her Master in Nursing and now working for the welfare of her community. 

She is well known for making videos that are related to a medical issues. She wants all her followers learn some useful and easy techniques during an emergency. 

She got attention after she posted videos related to COVID issues. She is doing great work and is appreciated by many people 

Kevin's partner Miki
Kevin's partner Miki  Source: Instagram 

Miki Always Wanted To Be a Nurse

Miki has always dreamed about being a nurse since her childhood. She knew that she had to work hard and show a full dedication to that. 

She had gone through a lot of struggles to become who she knew. Her parents moved to the USA.

Her mom and dad knew about her interest when she was a little kid, so they settled in the USA for her. 

She was just a year old when her parents moved to the USA. She was a bright student from her childhood, and her mother sacrificed many things for her. 

As a student, she was very smart not only in studies but in games also. She went to nursing school and studied there. Her hard work and dedication to becoming a nurse made her who she is now.

Miki Didn't Take Any Education Loan

Miki was a bright student from her beginning days. She was one of the talented persons in her class. 

Since high schools are too expensive, students are supposed to take education loans. But in her case, she was lucky that she didn't have to take an education loan as she was provided a scholarship.

She didn't only apply for the scholarship but applied for a bunch of scholarships. She was then selected by UCLA and few other sources to get help for her studies. 

Age, Height, and Weight

Kevin's real age is missing however his girlfriend is currently 24 years old. 

Net Worth 

The net worth of Miki is $300,000. She earns from nursing and social media. 

Miki Was Blamed For Faking Being a Nurse

Miki has been working as a nurse for many years. She got lots of attention after posting COVID issues and ways to prevent them on social media. 

She received a lot of appreciation for her work. Miki opened up that she had worked as a health worker in UCLA Hospital, but the hospital record showed that she had left working and disconnected herself from the health-related issue since 2019.

Because of that revelation, Miki had to face many questions from her fans and other people. She was also blamed for being fake. 

But later, Miki opened up that she started working again in 2020.

Because of COVID, she worked from home, and she also showed her license as proof which cleared up the whole controversy against her. 

Her proof made everyone believe that she was working as a nurse and not just pretending to be.

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