Kevin Randall- Tragedy Of Bryan Randall Brother

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Kevin Randall is the brother of the late American model and photographer Bryan Randall

He was born to his parents, Gary and Evie Randall. His parents raised him with his late brother Bryan in Portland, Oregon

He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

Parents of Kevin Randall.
Parents of Kevin Randall. Source: Facebook

About Kevin’s Brother Bryan

Bryan was a former model and photographer. He came to prominence after he started dating famous actress Sandra Bullock

He was born in 1966 and had his birthday on April 10th.

Married Life of Bryan 

Bryan was unmarried at the time of his death. But he did have a partner. Bryan was dating actress Sandra Bullock

They met back in 2015 at Sandra’s son’s birthday party. Shortly after knowing each other, they started dating, and in 2016 they started living together. 

Bryan and Sandra had a fantastic love life, and they were together till Bryan’s death parted them in 2023

Bryan shared a child named Skylar Staten Randell with his former partner. He was also a stepdad to Sandra’s two adopted children. 

Bryan Randall with his partner, Sandra.
Bryan Randall with his partner, Sandra. Source: People

Age And Net Worth

His brother Bryan was 57 years old

What Caused Bryan’s Death? 

Bryan was well known to be the partner of actress Sandra Bullock. He started getting attention after Sandra began dating him in 2015

They shared eight years of beautiful relationships. Sadly their relationship ended as he died on August 5th, 2023

It came to know that Bryan was suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis disease. 

ALS is a nervous system disease that impacts the brain and spinal cord. 

He battled with ALS for three years, and as the cure for ALS hadn’t been found, he couldn’t make it. 

He wanted to keep his ALS diagnosis private, so his family respected his decision, and it was only revealed after his death.

Bryan Was The Love Of Sandra’s Life

Bryan and Sandra were great as a couple. They shared three children, two adopted and one from Bryan’s first marriage. 

They had a happy dating life, and although they dated for such a long time, they never got engaged or married. 

His partner Sandra talked about their relationship in many interviews and claimed that Bryan was the love of her life. 

When she met Bryan, she just came out of a terrific marriage. 

Her ex-husband cheated on her with another woman, and their divorce was messy. 

Because of that, she didn’t want to rush into another marriage. 

Sandra and Bryan had understanding, care, and support in their relationship, so they never felt they needed to get married to be devoted to each other and their children. 

Bryan's Past Had Nothing To Do With His Present

Bryan dated a singer and songwriter, Paris, before he dated the actor Sandra Bullock

They had two years of relationship, so Paris knew most of Bryan's past and then present. 

She revealed that people often judged him for being a bad character because of his past. 

In the past, he had been arrested two times for driving under the influence and for driving with a suspended license. 

Also, he had legal issues because of his bad temper. 

But Paris made it clear that his past was something he left in the past, and he was nothing like that. 

She revealed that Bryan was a mature nice man. He had never shown any rage towards Paris

Paris also made it clear that Bryan didn't cheat on her. They had already broken up before he dated actress Sandra Bullock.

Bryan Was A Bad Boy

Sandra is known to date bad boys, and her dating history also shows the same thing. 

So, when Sandra dated Bryan, people wondered if he was a bad boy. Bryan's ex Paris then revealed that he was a bad boy in a good way. 

She revealed that Bryan was a great boyfriend; indeed, he was, as Sandra and Bryan's relationship lasted for eight years.

Bryan was a good-looking guy who looked like a bad boy, and Sandra and Bryan looked great together. 

Bryan also had anger issues which he controlled. So, he became the best match for Sandra.

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