Kevin Selleck

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Kevin Selleck

Kevin Selleck is the son of Hollywood actor Tom Selleck. Kevin was adopted by Tom when he was just nineteen years old. So, he is not the biological son of Tom.

More about Kevin

Kevin was born on July 16, 1966. He was brought up and raised till his teenage years in Burbank

His mother’s name is Jacqueline Mary Ray, born on January 26, 1945, in California, USA. She is seventy-six years old. She is a former model and an actress. 

Kevin’s biological father’s name is Shepherd. His parents did not have a good relationship and got separated when he was a kid. 

Kevin’s dad was mainly absent throughout his childhood.

A Drummer

Kevin was a drummer. He was a member of an alternative rock and post-grunge band called Tonic

This band was formed back in the year 1993 by Emerson Hart and Jeff Russo, who were the vocalist and lead guitarist of the band. 

They were long-lost childhood friends. They added bass player Dan Rothchild who was spotted at a venue named The Kibitz Room. 

Lastly, Kevin was added as a drummer. He was recruited at an LA venue named Masker’s cafe. 

Kevin’s career as a drummer was paying off. This band was heavily recognized back in the 90s. Due to some personal reasons, he left the band in the year 1996.

Kevin Selleck with his old band members from the band Tonic
Kevin Selleck with his old band members from the band Tonic. Source: Pinterest

Career as an actor

Due to his father Tom’s influence, he got a role in a television series called Magnum P.I. in 1980

He also starred in the movie Scream 2 and made a soundtrack with his band Tonic for the movie. 

His career in acting did not flourish as much as his father’s. He decided to quit the entertainment field after working as a drummer and actor. 

Currently, he has his career off cameras and does not want any media attention.

Blue Bloods episode and conversation with fans

Kevin’s father, Tom, gave an interview in Talks at Google. He and his friend Kevin Wade who is also the writer of Tom’s series talked about the series Blue Bloods and also talked about the character.  

Tom was in the episodes of Blue Bloods from the beginning days whereas Kevin joined the production after a few episodes.  

In the interview, Tom and Kevin talked about Tom’s character Frank Reagan in the series where he played the role of a police commissioner. He talks about the character's intensiveness and difficulties. 

Tom revealed that he gets scared of screen tests. He knows that he will be cast in the movie's role anyway. Still, he gets nervous when it comes to screen tests. 

Tom spent more than 100 episodes with the Blue Bloods production team. On the other hand, Kevin told about how the show is still going as he and the team are focused on the script of the show. 

He addressed that as the episode goes on passing, more new things should be introduced to the show. 

He also revealed that the character in the show themselves should get the experiences of new things and situations as the episodes and seasons to keep on passing. This will help people to stay connected to the show. 

However, people still love the show as it extended, according to Kevin and Tom. Tom also had a conversation with the audience on the show and answered their questions. 

Went through penis reduction 

Tom Selleck interviewed the "Late Night Show with Conan O'Brien." There in that interview, he talked about his disease and many more. 

The interviewer Conan started the interview by asking about his disease. He replied, saying that he suffered from hernia disease and had to go under surgery. 

At that time, he was about a film his movie Elsenhower. Three weeks before the shooting of that movie started, he suffered from that disease. 

But then he said that it wasn't the actual reason he went to the hospital. He revealed the truth, saying that he went to the hospital to reduce his penis. 

He reached the point the age where he felt that his penis was enough. That statement was hilarious. 

He didn't have to stay in that hospital for a long time. He went to the hospital, and there he was, given anesthesia so that he could not feel the trauma. 

He was half-conscious during that surgery, and when he woke up and came out of the surgery room, the attendees over there were strangely looking at him.

After hearing Tom's interview, the interviewer was sure that Tom did have his penis reduction. 

Tom opened up that had scars, but he was uncomfortable showing it to everyone. He then talked about his movie Elsenhower

He was there in that show to promote two of his performance. In one of his projects, he had a mustache, but he doesn't have it in another. 

While he was giving the interview, he had a mustache, so the interviewer was curious to know how he managed to do that. 

Tom then shaved his half mustache to explain how he managed to do his two projects, which was very shocking. 

Tom celebrated his birthday having airline food

Tom gave an interview for Rachael Ray Show in 2020, where he talked about his age, birthday, and celebration. 

The audience welcomed him into the interview with lots of applause and enthusiasm. 

When asked about his big birthday celebration, the actor revealed that he had just had a small birthday celebration at that time. 

He turned 75 at the time and had no shyness in telling it in the media. The interviewer revealed that she has always cheated people with her birthday and age. 

But Tom has never lied to anyone about his age. Indeed, he has no problem revealing his age to anyone. 

He expressed that when he was 25 years old, he looked older than his age, but his brain was that of 15 years old. 

He also said that although he is now 75, or even though he has been an old guy for a long time, he still is s 17-year-old guy inside his mind. 

He has not changed a bit in his behavior and thinking. He is still the same Tom many years back. The interviewer also agreed with the statement of the actor.

Moreover, Tom revealed that he had his birthday celebrated with the airline food. 

He was traveling to Ranch on a flight on his birthday, where he just had the food that Airlines gave him. 

It was all he did on his birthday. But it was a worthwhile trip for him as he was up to see his wife on the Ranch. 

He also has no luxurious wishes for his birthday. He expressed that he just wants a little dinner time with his family, including his brother, sister, son, daughter, and other closest family members. 

He also said that he hated any present as he already had many things he bought with his own money. 

He likes to collect items from his earnings rather than taking gifts. But saying that, he wants to get birthday cards. 

He has no objections to the birthday card, but he is totally against it for presents.

Adopted by Tom

After the divorce of Kevin’s biological parents, his mother got married to Tom Selleck. The pair’s wedding was held on May 15, 1971

Tom adopted him after the marriage and gave him his last name. 

Even though his mother and his non-biological father got separated, he always maintained a good relationship with him.

Kevin’s marriage

Kevin married a woman named Anabelle Selleck. His marriage took place in the early 1990s. He has six kids with Anabelle

He chooses not to involve his family in the limelight. 

His wife, Anabelle, also remains out of the spotlight and also does not use social media accounts. Her pictures as well as her kid's pictures are not available in public.

Kevin’s struggle

Kevin was always a troubled kid since his early childhood days. His childhood experiences affected his teenage years a lot. 

Due to his unpleasant behavior, his mother Jacqueline nearly sent him to junior boarding school. 

At the very young age of twenty-two, he suffered from alcohol addiction. He was sent to Betty Rehabilitation Centre to help him get through his addiction.

His behavior was unpleasant and unstable during his early days because of his mother’s unstable marital relationships. 

He was not close with his biological father. His mother got married three times. Her marriage never worked, which affected her mental health of Kevin

Not having a proper father figure to guide him at the early stage of his life was a huge reason to face those struggles. 

His non-biological father, Tom, helped him a lot to recover. 

Net Worth

The exact net worth of Kevin is not disclosed to the public.

The net worth of his father, Tom Selleck, is shown below:

Net WorthSources
$45 millionActor, producer, screenwriter


  • Kevin Selleck is fifty-five years old.
  • His nationality is American.

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