Who Is Khatira Rafiqzada Parents And Husband?

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Who Is Khatira Rafiqzada Parents And Husband?

Khatira Rafiqzada is an entrepreneur and actress. She is well known for her appearance in the movies Layla and Chain Letter

She was born in 1981 in Kabul, Afghanistan. She belongs to the Iranian ethnicity. Her mom's name is Safiqa.

She is an Afghan–American citizen by nationality.

Parents of Khatira Rafiqzada.
Parents of Khatira Rafiqzada. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Khatira is married to her husband, Michael Early, a well-known actor.  

They started dating back in 2008, and after dating for four years, Khatira and Michael tied the knot in 2012. 

They kept their marriage secret for a few months and then made it public. 

Khatira shares two children, a son and a daughter, with Michael

They seem to live the extraordinary together and often share their pictures on social media.

Khatira Rafiqzada with her husband, Michael Early.
Khatira Rafiqzada with her husband, Michael Early. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Khatira is 42 years old. Her net worth is under review. However, her husband has a net worth of $3 Million

His source of income is acting

Khatira Rafiqzada's husband and their children.
Khatira Rafiqzada's husband and their children. Source: Instagram

Khatira’s First Date With Michael

Khatira and her husband, Michael, have been married for a decade. 

Her husband, Michael, talked about their first date in an interview and explained how Khatira made a strong move that attracted him. 

Khatira and Michael went to a Vietnamese restaurant for their first date. 

They met during the daytime because Khatira clarified that she had to work at night and could be up only during the day. 

They met and had a good conversation, and after that, Khatira asked Michael if they could have their first kiss on the way. 

She also said that she would never see Michael if their kiss didn’t go well. 

Immigration Changed Khatira’s Name 

Khatira was originally from Afgan and has a very authentic name, Khatira. 

However, everyone knows her by the name Katira because her original name is kind of hard to pronounce. 

She shared that she had to change her name when she landed in the USA

There, she had to fill out a social security application at the immigration, and the people there had difficulty pronouncing her name. 

They kept on calling her Katira and got troubled with pronouncing Kha

So they told her her name would be Katira, and she agreed. 

Also, Khatira likes Katira better because it’s hard for her to keep teaching other pronunciations of her name. 

Her husband, Michael, is the only person who calls her Khatira.

Khatira Has A Multilingual Family

In an interview, Khatira talked about her children and her husband, who knows three languages. 

She opened up that she can speak three languages: Hindi, Dari, and English. 

On the other hand, her husband, Michael, knows Spanish, English, basic Italian, and a few Arabic words.

Also, her children know two languages, Spanish and English. 

Her children attend Spanish class, so they are getting on to the Spanish language

Khatira also tried teaching her children Dari, but it's hard to teach them that language because it’s not widely spoken. 

Also, she feels that her husband has the gift of language as he can quickly learn and speak new languages, and the same gift has also been transferred to her son, which makes her feel amazing. 

Khatira Enjoys Travelling 

Khatira is one of the people who can’t settle in one place. She revealed that she has moved to different places because she can’t stay in one place long. 

Also, traveling is like an escape zone for her, and because of that, she feels suffocated when she has to live in the same place for a long time. 

Khatira then talked about her family trip, where they went to 5 countries, 13 cities, and three islands. 

They constantly traveled, and during the whole travel, they all had one suitcase and one bag pack each. 

She enjoyed and had fun with her family, but the disadvantage of their traveling was washing their clothes. 

She had to hand dry all the clothes in Europe because there wasn’t a separate dryer like in America.

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