Khaza Kamil Gates- Horrible Incident Of Kevin Gates Son And Family

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Khaza Kamil Gates- Horrible Incident Of Kevin Gates Son And Family

Khaza Kamil Gates is a star kid. He is known among the fans because of his father, Kevin Gates. 

His birthday is on May 10, 2014, in the United States. He is an American by nationality. 

His mother's name is Dreka Gates. His parents are one of the most loved couples in the hip-hop industry.

Family Of Khaza Kamil Gates.
Family Of Khaza Kamil Gates. Source: Instagram

Before Khaza Was Born

Khaza's father, Kevin and mother, Dreka, met for the first time in their school. They were love birds from their teens. 

Kevin used to talk about his dreams and how he wanted to make it in the industry. 

Dreka made sure to help in every possible way she could. 

She is the one who told Kevin that he should meet different producers with his songs. 

She even took his music herself to different producers, promoters, and many known artists. 

She made sure to succeed in what Kevin deserved. Dreka didn't stop till Kevin made it to the industry. 

After Kevin started getting popular, the couple founded their record label, Bread Winners Association or BWA

A lot of music of Kevin was produced by BWA. Instantly his music and fan following were growing. 

The couple were always open about their relationship in public and never left a chance to express love to each other in front of the whole industry.

They welcomed their baby girl, Islah Koren Gates, on November 30, 2010, before getting married. 

They decided to tie the knot in 2015, some years of their daughter's birth. 

Kevin, in an interview, confronted that Derka is not only his love, but she is his best friend and not just best friend; she is his business partner too. 

They gave birth to their second child Khaza in 2014.

Khaza Kamil Gates's parents Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates
Khaza Kamil Gates's parents, Kevin Gates and Dreka Gates. Source: Instagram

Have Khaza And Dreka Parted Their Ways?

After being together for more than 18 years, the couple have parted ways. 

There are a lot of rumors about them being separated. 

Though none of them has addressed the rumors to date in the public. 

However, Love and Hip Hop star Jojo Zarur was seen holding hands with Kevin around New York city

His fans were suspecting separation as Kevin, who always tweeted motivational things, tweeted about missing his ex. But still, the news of separation is not confirmed by either party.

Khaza Kamil Gates's father Kevin Gates.
Khaza Kamil Gates's father, Kevin Gates. Source: Instagram

Kevin Shot Himself?

Kevin gave an interview to the Yung Miami, where he talked about music, his dark secrets, and many more. He started the interview by talking about his new album Kaza

He said that his new album is all about his life journey, and he has named his album after his son. He belongs to a Muslim family, and the word Kaza means Gift of God

Kevin opened up and said he cried after hearing some of his songs. He was very open in the interview and said that he cries a lot. 

As a man, he was taught to cry in any condition, but he thinks it’s good to cry and let your emotion out. 

Men have emotions, and if they try to keep them inside them, they are not good. It is necessary to throw out all the feelings, and crying helps with it. He cries every day and releases all his emotions. 

He feels good after crying and feels that it is detoxifying. Kevin even talks to himself, and before, when he used to talk with himself, he used to think that he was crazy and something was wrong with him. 

Kevin later realized that it’s normal to talk with yourself and many people do that. He talks about his problem and even asks questions to himself. He feels that it’s a healthy thing to do. 

Kevin opened up about his mental health and said that he went to prison, which drastically harmed his mental state. 

He was sexually victimized at the age of 13, which made him scared and violent. Because of the trauma he faced at an early age, he always feared. 

In 2018 when he came out of prison, he felt relaxed and knew about his responsibilities, which made him successful now. 

Kevin's life was not easy at all, as he tried to kill himself when he was 17 years old. He shot himself in the head because he didn’t want to live.

Kevin Slept With Transwoman? 

Kevin is a popular singer and rapper loved by the audience. He has been married to his wife Dreka Gates since 2015 and despite being married there has been a rumor going around that Kevin slept with trans woman Lilah Gibney

Lilah talked about the awesome s*x she had with Kevin in a podcast and told everything in a detailed way. Lilah told that Kevin asked her for dinner and she agreed and told him to text her. 

She was with him in his car listening to Kevin’s album and was having a great time together.

Kevin went live on his Instagram which astonished Lilah as she was thinking that Kevin is actually showing off to her to everyone. That was kind of surreal for her. 

She recalled the moment when Kevin was just gazing at her so deeply that she felt her soul leaving her body. She then asked Kevin if he would like to come to her house and he immediately agreed. 

So that was when Kevin and Lilah had s*x with each other and according to Lilah, it was really good. 

Lilah explained everything in detail that happened between her and Kevin on that night and they had very intense sexual talks too. 

After they have s*x, Kevin asked a question to Lilah. He asked if she was trans or not and for that, Lilah said yes. 

After hearing Lilah‘s answer Kevin acted really cool and told that he doesn’t care because god created everyone equally so it didn’t matter to him. 

Lilah was drunk and when she heard that answer from Kevin it made him more charming in her view. 


Khaza is eight years old.

Net Worth

As he is just eight, he has no income. But his father has a net worth of 2 million dollars.

Kevin's Struggle With Mental Health

Kevin has always been open about his mental health in front of his fans. 

Recently in an interview with REVOLT, he talked about the suicidal attempt which almost killed him a year ago. 

Kevin was in a bad mental state of mind and trauma that made him ready to take his life, but a fan convinced him not to go through this all.

He revealed that in 2021, he was at the point where he didn't want to live anymore. 

It was his daughter's party when he convinced himself that he would never see her again as he didn't want to live. 

He turned his social media account down when asked what caused him in this situation. 

He said there were many problems, and he was going through many pressures in life. 

He said even the party was feeling like toleration rather than celebration.

He said he had written a raw letter about everything before going to the gym. 

He thought it would be his last workout. But he luckily met a fan who praised him for his music. 

Kevin was so not in a good state of mind that he said he would end his life. 

The fan convinced him not to do it as there were a lot of people who would die if he did so. 

Both cried, and Kevin changed his mind after their conversation.

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