Who Is Kim Caramele? Sister Of Amy Schumer

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Who Is Kim Caramele? Sister Of Amy Schumer

Kim Caramele is Amy Schumer's sister, an American stand-up comedian, actress, writer, and producer. 

Her parents are Sandra and Gordon Schumer. Her parents were separated when Kim was young.

She is a writer and producer.

Marriage And Children

Kim is a married woman. Her husband's name is Vincent Caramele. They took their wedding vows in June 2008.

They don't have children yet.

Kim Caramele and her husband.
Kim Caramele and her husband. Source: Instagram


Kim's sister Amy was born on June 1, 1981. She is 42 years old. 

Net Worth

As an American comedian, producer, and writer, Kim's sister Amy's net worth is about 45 million dollars.

Amy Calls Out Trolls By Saying She Owes No Explanation For Her Puffier Face

Amy recently addressed comments about her appearance, saying she owed no explanation. 

She is preparing for the Season 2 premiere of her show Life & Beth, understanding her face might look puffier due to endometriosis, a condition she has been open about. 

Amy highlighted the lack of funding for women’s health research compared to men’s, valuing that women don’t need excuses for their appearance. 

She encouraged self-love and acceptance while expressing pride in her show. In September 2021, after giving birth to her son two years later, she had surgery for endometriosis. 

The procedure involved removing her uterus and appendix due to the aggressive nature of her case, with the doctor finding and removing 30 spots of endometriosis. 

Amy shared her experience on Instagram, mentioning the pain and debilitation of endometriosis and expressing hope for a positive change in her life after the surgery.  

Other celebrities like Gabrielle Union-Wade, Daisy Ridley, Julianne Hough, and Lena Dunham have also spoken out about their struggles with endometriosis. 

Approximately 10% of people with uteruses globally in their reproductive age have endometriosis, according to the World Health Organization. 

Kim Caramele and her sister, Amy Schumer.
Kim Caramele and her sister, Amy Schumer. Source: Instagram

Amy Reflects On Her Life And Her Husband

Amy shared some humorous stories about her life. She began by joking about accidentally eating her hair extensions during a greeting. 

Amy then talked about her new stand-up tour, the Whore Tour, and the season of her show Inside Amy Schumer. 

She mentioned her recent adoption of intermittent fasting and wearing a moo moo, which is a loose, comfortable dress. 

Amy explained that her husband supports her choices, and they have a good physical relationship. 

She reflects on her past living situations in New York City, including having a roommate she found on Craiglist in a small studio apartment. 

She mentioned meeting Pete Davidson but couldn’t take a ferry to see him due to her husband and family. 

She shared a funny incident about her husband chopping down a tree and discussed her return to stand-up comedy. 

Amy recounted an audience experience where a man had a seizure, and despite the crowd being primarily nurses, they couldn’t help much. 

She expressed pride in being a gun owner as a mother and teacher. 

She also talked about the long break between seasons of her TV show Inside Amy Schumer and how world events influenced the writing. 

Amy discussed changes in younger generations, mainly in social media usage, and she shared a humorous story about a potential misunderstanding with Social Services due to taking a drink while holding her son. 

Amy Has Struggled In Life

Amy is a well-known comedian, writer, and actress. She gained fame with her show Inside Amy Schumer in 2013. 

Her candid and personal approach to discussing various issues, especially sex and gender, has resonated with many people. 

In her 2015 film Trainwreck, Amy incorporated real-life experiences, including her father’s struggle, dating a wrestler, and navigating serious relationship talk while being stoned.

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