Who Is Kim Lesley? Partner Of Ron Cephas Jones

by Manisha Mon Aug 21 2023 Updated On Mon Aug 21 2023
Who Is Kim Lesley? Partner Of Ron Cephas Jones

Kim Lesley is a partner of the late  Emmy-winning actor Ron Cephas Jones.

Ron and Kim have been together for many years, and they have a daughter from their relationship, and her name is Jasmine Cephas Jones. 

Many people think that Kim is Ron's spouse, but they were never officially married, and Kim is not his wife. 

Family of Kim Lesley.
Family of Kim Lesley. Source: Instagram

Death Of Her Partner

Her partner Ron was a celebrated actor. He has come a long way in his acting career, from being a homeless heroin addict to Emmy winning actor. 

The creator of the show confirmed the death of the actor.

Dan Spilo, manager of Ron, said that Ron died because of a longstanding pulmonary issue. But he didn’t mention where and when he passed away.

Kim Lesley's late partner and their daughter.
Kim Lesley's late partner and their daughter. Source: Instagram


Her partner Ron was 66 years old at the time of death. 

Net Worth

Her partner Ron's net worth was estimated to be $5 million.

Kim Lesley's daughter Jasmine Cephas Jones.
Kim Lesley's daughter Jasmine Cephas Jones. Source: Instagram

Ron Talked About Winning His First Emmy

Ron got Primetime Emmy Award in the category of Supporting Actor for the drama series 'This Is Us' in 2017.

He shared he was happy to receive such a big honor for the first time after being in the industry for so long. 

He stated everything happened so quickly. He mentioned they have already done Season 3 for the show, and he felt like it was just yesterday that he read the show's pilot with his cast mates. 

He said he was happy that many African-American actors dominated Emmy that night. 

He added that night; he remembered his mother and all his struggle while growing up and trying to make it big in the industry. 

He said he was blessed and grateful for what happened in his life and career. 

Ron Met Tom Hardy 20 Years Back

Ron and Tom worked in a movie called Venom that was released in 2018, but he knew Tom before they did the movie.

He met him 20 years ago in London. He shared that he was doing a play that Phillip Seymour Hoffman directed at that time. 

He mentioned many British actors used to come to see the play to watch who directed the play. 

Tom was also one of the actors that came to see the play. Tom ended up reading for Brett Leonard, another playwright in their company. 

Tom flew from London to the East Coast and was there for a couple of weeks. 

Jones Shared How His Fans Reacted To His "This Is Us" Character

Jones played the role of William in the family drama television series This Is Us

His character was dealing with cancer. He said many people were coping with and recovering from cancer, related to his character. 

He revealed he received many messages from his fans on his Instagram, and people also visited him in public places to appreciate his role. 

He said he was impressed with how the media has raised awareness about the disease. 

He shared people hugged him and cried when they met him. Some of the show's episodes were a healing process for other people. 

He mentioned when his father passed away, he was not there to say how much he loved him. 

He said he was lucky to be by his mother and uncle's side during their final moment. He added he was happy that his work helped people to heal from their losses. 

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