Who Is Kim Marsch? Wife Of Jesse Marsch

by Manisha Fri Aug 26 2022 Updated On Thu Nov 03 2022
Who Is Kim Marsch? Wife Of Jesse Marsch

Kim Marsch is known to the public as the wife of Jesse Marsch. Her husband is a coach for Premier League Leeds United. 

Kim Marsch's husband, Jesse Marsch, and daughter.
Kim Marsch's husband, Jesse Marsch, and daughter. Source: Twitter

Marriage And Children

Kim is happily married to the star coach Jesse. They are blessed with three kids, two sons and a daughter. 

They dated for several years before tying the knot. Kim and March are in a healthy relationship. 

The couple loves to travel and explore many places. Instead of going on a luxurious vacation, they love going on road trips with their children and exploring many countries' cultures and diversity. 

They have built a family. The couple wishes to travel the world with each other. 

Kim Marsch with her husband, Jesse Marsch.
Kim Marsch with her husband, Jesse Marsch. Source: Pinterest


Her husband Jesse is 49 years old.

Net Worth

Her husband Jesse's net worth is estimated to be $10 million

Jesse Talked About How He Was As A Player

In an interview, Jesse said he was an intelligent player and the fastest in terms of playing. 

He said that the players of this generation are physically fit, strong and powerful. He said that he was never like them. He was not an athlete. 

He was good at the technical aspects and said he was a good passer. He said that it helped him greatly in his managerial and coaching career. 

He revealed that at the age of 26, he had decided to be a manager career-wise. 

He started coaching youngster football when he was just 26.

Is David Beckham His Freind?

During his playing days, he was not a friend of David. In one of the matches, things got pretty intense between the two. 

In an interview with Jesse, in his defense, he said that the match video never showed what David got on him before he kicked him. 

He said David got him a few times before he did that. 

The referee did not see David's actions. They only saw him kicking after he got on his nerves. 

He revealed that after that incident, he apologized to him and cleared things between them. 

It was not that they became friends immediately after sorting out things. The thing was, they let those things go and moved on. 

They were just colleagues. At that time, two clubs trained and practiced in the stadium. 

While training around the stadium, he would see him often. They even had a few conversations. 

David loved to talk and share his experiences. 

Jesse Talked About The Club's Incredible Comeback

Leeds United had an intense match with Wolves. He said that the first half was not up to their capability. 

During halftime, he spoke to his players about tactical things and strategy. 

Even though the start was not good, he was confident that his team would find that momentum once they got recharged. 

So did they, and in the second half, they bounced back. His four players were injured, but they were okay as they were not severely injured. 

He said his players have the quality of fighting until the last second. 

He said that they are still adjusting and understanding what specific kinds of football he wants his team to play. 

He said he was very proud of his team as they showed him what he had imagined them to do in three to four games. 

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