Who Is King Harris? Son Of T.I.

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Who Is King Harris? Son Of T.I.

King Harris is the son of American rapper T.I. His mother’s name is Tiny Harris

He was born in 2004 and will have his birthday on August 25. He grew up with his three siblings. 

King has a massive interest in music and is focused on making music. He is an American citizen by his nationality. 

King Harris's performance.
King Harris's performance. Source: Instagram

About King’s Parents 

Kings’s dad, T.I., and his mom, Tina Cottle, have been married to each other since 2010.

The couple met in 1999, and two years after knowing each other, they started dating. 

The couple shares four kids: King, Messiah, Domani, and Deyjah.

King’s parents married life has been full of ups and downs, and they even filed for divorce in 2016.

However, the couple hasn’t ended their relationship and is trying their best to give up their marriage.

King also has two half-brothers: a half-sister from his dad’s side and one half-sister from his mom’s side. 

Parents of King Harris.
Parents of King Harris. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth

King is 19 years old. His net worth is unknown. However, his father has a net worth of $25 Million. His source of income is rapping. 

King Harris and his father, T.I.
King Harris and his father, T.I. Source: Instagram

King Got Dating Advice From His Parents

King and his parents have pretty close relationships. 

His mom and dad often talk about dating life when their children reach a certain age, and his parents have already had good talks with his siblings. 

However, when King reached 15, his mom and dad sat down with him and talked to him about dating. 

His mom called his dad and told him that King was seeing a girl at that time and asked if he had sex with the girl. 

King denied having sex with the girl but did admit that he gifted two outfits to the girl. 

His dad was unhappy about King gifting things to the girl he just met, so he asked how King would feel if the girl went on a date with another guy wearing the outfit he gave. 

But King outsmarted his dad, saying he just took a fair risk and did what he did in his past days. 

King Hated School

King opened up about his hating going to school at the family dinner. 

His family had the tradition of having dinner together with the whole family every Sunday.

In the same gathering, when King’s grandma asked him about his school, he said that his school sucks. 

He doesn’t like going to school and wants to focus on his music career. 

He said that music is what he wants to do, so he presented the idea of home-schooling to his parents. 

According to King, if he gets home-schooled, he could get in the studio and make music whenever he likes. 

His passion for music convenience convinced other families to go to school, but his dad disagreed. 

King said that he wanted to make a name for himself and that school was coming his way. 

However, his dad had a different opinion and thought that King needed some discipline that he could get from going to school.

King Got Into A Fight With His Dad

King, his mom, and his dad attended the Atlanta Falcons game a month back. 

They were all having normal conversation, but suddenly, it became a heated argument and fight. 

It all started after King’s parents told him that he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, to which King completely disagreed. 

He claimed that his life was not as good as his parents claimed to be, and he spent most of his childhood with her grandmom.

The argument started getting ugly between them, and King pushed his mom, which made his dad furious. 

His dad then headlocked him and told him that King was shaming the family by showing such behavior. 

Their whole argument was live telecasting, and other people were going to break them fighting, but no matter what, King kept on deng having a good life. 

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