Who Is Kiruthiha Kulendiren? Mother Of Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

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Who Is Kiruthiha Kulendiren? Mother Of Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

Kiruthiha Kulendiren is the beautiful mother of Canadian Netflix actress Maitreyi Ramakrishnan

She belongs to the Tamil ethnicity and was born in Sri Lanka. 

Family of Kiruthiha Kulendiren.
Family of Kiruthiha Kulendiren. Source: BHW

Marriage And Children

Kiruthiha is married to Ram Selvarajah

They immigrated from Sri Lanka to Canada because of a civil war between Tamil citizens before they gave birth to their younger child. 

Ram Selvarajahis has been working for the Canadian Government, where Kiruthiha is working on marketing communications.

Kiruthiha Kulendiren and her husband, Ram Selvarajah.
Kiruthiha Kulendiren and her husband, Ram Selvarajah. Source: Pinterest

Kiruthiha is a mother of a son and daughter. 

The son's name is Vishwaa Ramakrishnan, and the daughter's name is Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.

Does Maitreyi Have Any Boyfriend?

Maitreyi is not in any relationship. 

She posts most of the images with Darren Barnet and Jaren Lewison, the cast of Never Have I Ever, who are good friends of hers. 

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Kiruthiha are under review. Instead, her daughter Maitreyi's net worth is $500,000. 

She was paid $21000 per episode in the first season of a Netflix series, Never Have I Ever; for season 2, she was paid $26,250 per episode.

About Her Daughter Maitreyi 

Maitreyi is a Canadian actress by profession. 

She is well known for her nickname Devi which was a leading role in the comedy series Never Have I Ever. 

She was born on 28 December 2001 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. 

Kiruthiha Kulendiren's daughter, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan.
Kiruthiha Kulendiren's daughter, Maitreyi Ramakrishnan. Source: Instagram

The Reason Behind A Student To Netflix Actress

Maitreyi got recognized as an actress after a massive hit on Netflix from the series Never Have I Ever. 

Mindy Kaling, the executive producer of the respective series, chose her. 

Maitreyi's dream job was being an animator, but she got into theatres and acted in high school. 

Her best friend showed the path toward Netflix. 

Her best friend sent her a tweet about Mindy Kaling, which had an announcement written that an open casting calls for leads in a new Netflix show. 

After looking at the tweet, Maitreyi wanted to participate in the show. 

As per the audition, she had to send a self-tape with the scripts they sent to contestants. 

After sending the tape to the judges, she was asked for more videos. Afterward, she was invited to LA for chemistry tests and further procedures. 

She met Mindy Kaling there and had a good collaboration with her. 

She got a lead role as a young South Asian female named Devi, and she has played for three seasons. 

Never Have I Ever, In Real Life, Funny Moments 

In an interview, Maitreyi played Never Have I Ever with Kelly Clarkson, an American singer, and TV show host. 

They both played the Never Have I Ever game with some questions. 

Some unusual phrases would appear in front of them, and they have to claim if they have ever or never done. 

When she was asked if has ever gone skinny-dipping. 

She said that she has not gone skinny-dipping because she doesn't know how to swim, which might sound funny.  

She was also asked if she had passed gas and blamed someone else. 

She replied by saying that if you're saying you haven't, you're a liar, which might be a bitter truth.  

Good At The Indian Language, Being A Tamil-Canadian

Maitreyi, Lee Rodriguez, and Ramon Young, who are cast in Never Have I Ever, were related to Indian cultures, so they learned some Indian Slang words from each other in an interview. 

Their first word appeared as Mother Promise. Maitreyi said it was like a swear on my mother, which was verified as correct. 

Another slang word was Tubelight. Maitreyi had guessed that it was about a person. 

She was right, but it means a person who is slow to get the joke. Such attributes of Maitreyi prove that she is multilingual. 

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