Who Is Kit Halls? Son Of Matt Bomer

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Who Is Kit Halls? Son Of Matt Bomer

Kit Halls is the son of actor Matt Bomer. He was born in 2005 via surrogacy. He has two siblings. 

Kit is a huge fan of the San Francisco 49ers and attends their games with his parents.

Kit Halls with his father, Matt Bomer.
Kit Halls with his father, Matt Bomer. Source: Instagram

Is Matt Married?

Matt is married to Simon Halls. His husband is a publicist. 

They met each other for the first time when Matt hired Simon as his publicist. 

They had an instant connection and started dating each other. They tied the knot in 2011

They revealed about their marriage after being married for three years. They have three kids altogether.

Kit Halls with his parents.
Kit Halls with his parents. Source: Pinterest


Kit is 18 years old.

Net Worth

His father's net worth is estimated to be $11 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor.

Matt Shared His High School Memories

Matt revealed that the kind of person he is today is all because of the things and experiences from his life in high school. 

He said he used to play football on Friday nights as it was the only option to socialize. 

He shared though it sounds dramatic to everyone, his life in high school was like life and death to him. 

He said he was in his teenage phase and going through many things then. 

He revealed during his high school days, he divided his time among different interests. 

He said he was a footballer and also doing musicals. 

He added that he was friendly, got along with everyone, and was active in social groups. 

Matt Is A Huge San Francisco 49ers Fan.

Matt said he chose San Francisco because they were faithful to the bay in their home.

He shared that he gave his oldest son, who was four years old at that time, a chance to choose from the California team, and at that time, there were only three teams. 

He said he played a small role in helping him choose the 49ers by telling him about players like Jerry Rice and Joe Montana

His son chose the 49ers, and they have been going to their games ever since and have not missed any seasons. 

San Francisco is their family favorite, and they are very loyal to the team.

Why Did Matt Quit Playing Football?

Matt used to play football during his high school days. 

He shared he attended a Freddy Night Lights kind of school in Texas where the only option to socialize was to play football. 

He said the school was very serious about football. 

At 18, he got to play at the regional theater in Houston, so he left his school to join another school.

Matt Talked About Being Gay In Industry

Matt came out as gay in public back in 2012. He is also an LGBTQ rights activist. 

When Matt was asked if it was hard for him to come out as gay openly, he said he never meant to hide his sexual orientation. 

He said he was figuring things out on his own and that it was his life's best decision to come out openly to the world. 

He added he was thankful that they lived in the time when they were able to do that. 

Matt Stayed In A Haunted Hotel

Matt shared that he unknowingly spent a night in a haunted hotel. 

He shared he was shooting for a movie and working late, so they put him in the hotel. 

He heard a lot of noises outside his room at night but didn't care, so the following day, when he asked a lady about it, she told him the hotel was haunted. 

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