Kiya Winston – Meet Wife Of Mike Tomlin

by Manisha Sun Jul 23 2023 Updated On Sun Mar 17 2024
Kiya Winston – Meet Wife Of Mike Tomlin

Kiya Winston is the wife of American football coach Mike Tomlin, who is the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers of the National Football League

She was born in New Jersey on September 3, 1975. She is a fashion designer by profession. She got married to Mike in 1996. They have three kids together. 

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Kiya Winston with her husband Mike Tomlin
Kiya Winston with her husband Mike Tomlin. Source: Instagram


Kiya Winston is 48 years old

Net worth

Her husband's net worth is estimated to be $16 million. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as football coach and former football player.

Mike has been criticized for not hiring enough black player

Mike has been coaching for more than 20 years. He said criticism is normal in his field. 

Since he is the head coach, he has the responsibility of choosing a player for his team. 

Over the years, he has faced a lot of criticism about not hiring black players in American teams. 

He said that being a black himself, he has various responsibilities, and could not satisfy everyone out there. 

He said he makes decisions that are right and does not have the desire to please everyone. 

He shared he has committed to do whatever he feels is right and he feels comfortable in no matter what people say about him. 

He said he can deal with them and even fight with them. 

He said he doesn’t feel like explaining everything to everyone and does not force him to react to everything. 

He added he has become patient over the years and is comfortable with dealing with such negativity.

Mike started his coaching career at the age of 28.

Mike was hired to coach the Rampa Bay Buccaneers in 2001 under head coach Tony Dungy

He previously coached college football teams, and it was his first job in a football league. He said he was so scared at that time.

He shared he didn't know anything about the National Football League and how it worked. 

He was nervous about whether he was going to meet the expectations the job demands and maintain balance in his job. 

He shared that at that time, he became a father for the first time, and he had no idea about fatherhood as he came from a broken family. 

He was trying to figure out two things he was going to manage, two things that he was unaware of. 

He talked about his first day at his job. He said a press conference was going on, and Tony called him to meet him in his office after the press conference. 

He went to his office and all the lights in his office were switched off and Tony's son was sitting on the floor playing videogames and he stepped over him by mistake. 

He apologized and talked to him. He said he had spent just an hour in his office and knew how he worked and managed everything. 

He said Tony had a significant impact on him on his first day at his job, which really put him at ease. 

What inspires Mike as a coach?

Mike shared that he wanted to be a great player but was not able to, and that motivates him to put all his energy into coaching. 

He said his failure as a player inspired him to keep going and give his best. 

He shared that they became coaches at a very young age because they could not play for various reasons or meet their vision as players. 

He shared that his players are motivated to work hard every day. He said it is a great feeling to help players to pursue their dream. 

He said his main goal is not to let his players down from the beginning.

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