Who Is Klaus Dunst? Father Of Kirsten Dunst

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Who Is Klaus Dunst? Father Of Kirsten Dunst

Klaus Dunst is the father of American actress Kirsten Dunst. Klaus himself was a medical services executive

He was married to Inez Rupprecht. He is a German citizen by nationality. 

Klaus Dunst's ex-wife and their daughter.
Klaus Dunst's ex-wife and their daughter. Source: Pinterest

About Klaus’s Daughter Kirsten 

Kirsten is a professional actress. She is well known for her portrayal as Claudia in the 1994 movie Interview with the Vampire

She is known worldwide for her appearance in Spider-Man movies as MJ Watson.

She was born in 1982 and has her birthday on April 30

Her parents raised her with her brother Christian.

Married Life Of Kirsten 

Kirsten is married to her husband, Jesse Plemons. The couple met each other back in 2015 on the set of Fargo

They started dating in 2016, and a year later, they got engaged. 

The couple are parents to two kids, both sons Ennis Howard and James Robert. 

They tied the knot in 2022 and are living a happy life together. 

Before marrying, she dated Garrett Hedlund from 2012 to 2016

She also dated Jake Gyllenhaal in 2002, but their relationship lasted only two years. 

 Kirsten Dunst with her husband.
Kirsten Dunst with her husband. Source: People

Age And Net Worth

Klaus was born in 1946 and is currently 77 years old. His daughter, Kirsten, has a net worth of $25 Million. Her source of income is acting

Kirsten Has A Big Baby 

Kirsten welcomed her second baby, James, with her husband in 2021.

She gave an interview to Jimmy Kimmel when her boy was seven months old and revealed that her baby is a big boy. 

He was seven months old and weighed 22 pounds, which was a lot for a 7-month baby.

Her baby was big, so lifting it was hard for her. 

She said her arms hurt lifting the baby, and another thing was her baby boy didn’t know how to crawl. 

He tries walking and bounces like his brother, so Kirsten has to support the baby whenever he tries to walk. 

Kirsten Didn’t Watch Breaking Bad

Kirsten has been in a relationship with Jesse Plemons for a long time now. 

She revealed that her husband has always been her favorite actor and is happy she got to have children with him. 

She has always loved his work and has seen many movies of him. 

But when Kirsten was asked about Breaking Bad, she said she hadn’t watched it. 

Breaking Bad is a fantastic show loved by many, and Jesse’s acting on the show was unbeatable. 

When Kirsten told the interviewer about not watching Breaking Bad, he was shocked, and he got even more shocked when Kirsten said to him that she knew Aaron Paul and hung out with him. 

Kirsten Couldn’t Forget Jesse 

Kirsten and Jesse worked together in the movie Fargo, where they played husband and wife. 

They became close in no time and started feeling connected; however, they didn’t get romantically involved as they were in relationships with other people. 

After they finished their shooting, Kirsten started to miss Jesse more than she expected. 

She even told her friend that she wanted to know Jesse for the rest of her life. 

However, Kirsten didn’t care much about her feelings because she thought she felt that way for Jesse. After all, they worked as husband and wife in the movie. 

So, she didn’t expect her feelings to be honest with Jesse

Kirsten First Kiss 

Kirsten gave an interview on Conan O’Brien’s show where she talked about her first kiss. 

She shared that she had her first kiss when she was just 11 years old. 

She started her career at 11 and played in the movie Interview with Vampire. 

There, she got to work with incredible actors, and in the same movie, she had her first kiss, and that was with Brad Pitt, one of the famous actors. 

It was just a gentle kiss on the lips with no tongue involved. 

It was her first on-screen kiss, but she had her real-life first kiss in eighth standard. 

He kissed a boy while visiting the Washington Monument

They were on the elevator going up, and she and the boy kissed.

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