Who Is Konrad Goretzka? Father Of Leon Goretzka

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Who Is Konrad Goretzka? Father Of Leon Goretzka

Konrad Goretzka is the father of German professional football player Leon Goretzka. Konrad is married to his wife, Katharine Goretzka. 

Konrad worked as an electrical engineer and automotive engineer. He has two sons with his wife, Philip, and Leon. 

He is a German citizen

Konrad Goretzka's wife Katharine Goretzka.
Konrad Goretzka's wife Katharine Goretzka. Source: Instagram

About Konrad's Son Leon 

Leon currently plays for the Bundesliga club Bayern Munich. He is also on the national team of Germany and presently playing in FIFA World Cup 2022. 

Married Life Of Leon 

Leon is not married yet, but he does have a girlfriend. Leon is dating Mathea Fischer. Leon met Mathea through Mathea's sister Matilda. 

They met in 2015, and shortly after hanging out with each other, they started dating. 

They are happy together but don't share pictures of them on their social media.

Konrad Goretzka's son, Leon Goretzka.
Konrad Goretzka's son, Leon Goretzka. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

The age and net worth of Konrad are unknown. His son Leon is 27 years old

Leon's net worth is estimated to be 35 million euros. 

Konrad Taught Leon To Be A Leader

Konrad was an engineer by profession, and he also was a great part of the industrial revolution. 

So he had a leadership instinct in him. And according to his son Leon, Konrad passed the same thing to Leon as he is a great leader. 

Leon also revealed that his father taught him always to win but never be a bad guy. 

He taught him the best and to do what’s good for him and others. Leon hence credits his father to be one of the parts of his successful career.

Konrad Goretzka with his son, Leon Goretzka.
Konrad Goretzka with his son, Leon Goretzka. Source: Instagram

Leon Disgraced The Qatar Ambassador

Leon and his team were set up to move to Qatar for the World Cup 2022. 

But an interview broke out where the World Cup ambassador of Qatar spoke about homosexuality. 

Ambassador Salman said that homosexuality was forbidden in their country, and people are not allowed to perform homosexual or gay acts in their country if they plan on visiting. 

He called those groups of people Haram, which meant sin. 

This was a direct point toward the LGBTQ community worldwide, and coming from the ambassador himself was shameful. 

Leon also thought of it as a shameful and nonsuiting act by such a big personality. 

He called Salman a person in Millennium as he was talking about something that was normalized and common. 

It Was Obvious That Leon To Get Benched

Leon returns after six months to his club Bayern Munich after his injury. 

It came into highlights that he was not given the starting lineup and was rarely brought to the game by the coach. 

It seemed a bit off to the fans, and the media misused their power. 

The media used a short video of Leon and edited it so that it seemed as if he was arguing with the coach at his teammates. 

But as it was getting more viral, Leon decided to speak. 

He revealed that his relationship with coaches and teammates is excellent. 

They all get all along, and the media misused his clip. 

He added that not letting him play was a great move by the coach, and he is in the same decision. 

He just arrived from the injury and is not in his best form. 

So he was fragile at that moment. For his benefit, he was allowed to play slowly not to get further injuries.

Leon Got Frustrated Seeing The Results

Leon’s team Bayern Munich went against Dortmund in October, and the match ended in a draw. 

As the biggest rivals ever in Bundesliga, both teams wanted to win. 

Bayern Munich was more confident about the win because they had already scored two goals, one of which was by Leon himself. 

But at the end of the match, his team couldn’t maintain the lead and draw. 

Leon was very frustrated about the match as he had worked so hard for the win he thought his team deserved the win. 

But their lack of consistency up to full-time lost it all. 

He revealed that it had happened to them many times, and it was more frustrating against a big team like Dortmund.

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