Kori Campfield- Who Is Kofi Kingston Wife

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Kori Campfield- Who Is Kofi Kingston Wife

Kori Campfield is Kofi Kingston's wife, a Ghanaian American professional wrestler. Kori is a Ghanaian model and diet advisor.

Kori was born on April 21, 1982 in Accra, Ghana. She lost her father in 2014, and she often shares memories of him on Instagram.

Kori values plant-based foods for a healthy lifestyle. She is also a plant lover and frequently posts pictures of various crops on her Instagram account.

Kori Campfield and her husband, Kofi Kingston.
Kori Campfield and her husband, Kofi Kingston. Source: Instagram

More About Kori

Kori and Kofi got married on 11 September 2010. 

Kofi's husband has achieved notable success in wrestling, winning the WWE Championship 2019 and the PWI Tag Team of the Year Title in 2012 with R-Truth. 

They have three children: Khi, Orion, and Lotus. They are living in Tampa, Florida.  

Family of Kori Campfield.
Family of Kori Campfield. Source: Instagram


Kori was born on April 21, 1982 in Ghana. Her current age is 41.

Net Worth

As a Ghanaian American professional wrestler, Kori’s husband Kofi's net worth is about $3 million.

Kofi’s Big Dream Is Winning The Royal Rumble

Kofi is known for his incredible saves during Royal Rumble matches. He doesn’t want to boast about his past moments.

Despite not having a favorite save, he sees his role as providing something unique, even if it doesn’t always succeed. 

While acknowledging the danger of such moments, his ultimate dream is to win the Royal Rumble and headline WrestleMania.

He values that opportunity more than his previous highlight reel saves. If he wins, he’s unsure about which championship he’d go for, preferring to focus on the present. 

He has an Intercontinental Championship match against GUNTHER, but his main focus is the Royal Rumble.

Kofi Shared His Struggle

Before joining WWE, Kofi created his character during a promo day at a wrestling school. 

He decided to try a Jamaican person inspired by Damian Marley’s music. 

However, Kofi felt uneasy due to the threats he received for being an African immigrant. 

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon asked him to stick to the Jamaican gimmick, but Kofi dropped the accent during a promo and revealed he wasn’t Jamaican. 

Fans had mixed reactions, but Kofi felt relieved to be genuine. He later visited Jamaica and was warmly welcomed despite his Ghanaian heritage. 

Kofi talked about his unique skills in wrestling, like avoiding being pinned, and his passion for capoeira. 

He discussed the possibility of winning the WWE Championship and what it means for young black kids in the audience to see him succeed. 

Kofi takes pride in symbolizing hard work and determination, especially after Ali’s injury boosted his career. 

He mentioned the year of return and how everything seems to be getting on track for him now.

Kofi’s Wrestlemania Journey

Kofi is happy about the fan support as he prepares to face Daniel Bryan at Wrestlemania. 

He sees parallels between the crowd backing him and the yes movement that helped Daniel become WWE Champion. 

Kofi recognizes Daniel’s journey and how he overcame significant challenges to win the championship. 

He values the importance of staying focused in the unpredictable world of wrestling. 

Kofi is grateful for the fan support and is excited about the possibility of celebrating a championship win at Smackdown, where tickets are still available for those who want to attend.

Kofi is confident about making history as the first Jamaican WWE Champion. 

At first, he wanted his WWE character to reflect his Jamaican heritage, but it wasn’t allowed. 

Despite this, he believes his current character allows him to represent Jamaica positively. 

Kofi dreams of competing in Wrestlemania and aims to become the WWE Champion despite facing setbacks in his career. 

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