Who Is Krissy Findlay? Ex-Wife Of Ronnie Wood

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Who Is Krissy Findlay? Ex-Wife Of Ronnie Wood

Krissy Findlay is the ex-wife of Ronnie Wood, an English musician. Krissy was the first wife of Ronnie Wood

They got married in 1971 and separated in 1978.

They have a son, Jesse James Wood. She died at the age of 57 in 2005.

Krissy Findlay with her ex-husband, Ronnie Wood.
Krissy Findlay with her ex-husband, Ronnie Wood. Source: Pinterest

Son Is In Rehab

Ronnie is a famous guitarist from The Rolling Stones

He revealed that his son Jesse, who is 34 years old, is currently undergoing rehab for personal issues. 

Ronnie himself has struggled with substance abuse in the past. 

Ronnie has been clean for eight months and is helping Jesse through this challenging time. 

Jesse’s mother was Ronnie’s first wife, Krissy Findlay, who tragically passed away in 2005 from a suspected overdose. 

Jesse is known for being down to earth. He had previously toured schools to encourage kids to avoid drugs and alcohol. 

This news has surprised many as he is seen as a very kind and level-headed person. 

Ronnie also shared his experience overcoming addiction and mentioned that staying away from boredom and having just one drink was crucial to his recovery. 

He’s now more focused on his music and painting. 

Jesse is married to model Catherine Tilly Boone and has two children. 

He has had a career in music and modeling and has performed with his father. 

Krissy Findlay's ex-husband and their son.
Krissy Findlay's ex-husband and their son. Source: Instagram


Krissy was born in 1948. She died at the age of 57 in 2005.

Net Worth

Ronnie's net worth is about 200 Million Dollars

Ronnie And His Band Member Charlie Watts Talked About Backstage

In a YouTube interview, the host asked Ronnie and Charlie Watts from The Rolling Stones about what they like to have backstage before a show. 

They mentioned that Keith Richards enjoys shepard’s pie, and they usually have coffee or bananas to energize them. 

They also talked about their dressing room’s atmosphere and how they listen to music to get in the right mood before going on stage. 

Ronnie shared that he listens to Jazz and blues at home, influencing rock and pop music. 

Ronnie and Charlie also discussed performing for big crowds versus smaller club shows. 

They said big crowds can be exciting but overwhelming, and they rely on Keith Richards to feel comfortable on stage. 

They want to maintain an intimate feeling even in large stadiums.

Charlie prefers a subtle and less dramatic approach, and Ronnie joked about the cost of their stage setup. 

And also, they talked about a fun story about Charlie’s drum kit. 

Ronnie Remembered His Late Band Mate Brian Jones

Ronnie and Charlie Watts talked about playing guitar together. 

They stress the importance of listening to each other, which helped them blend their music naturally. 

They also mentioned that they support new bands and wish them luck without giving too much advice. 

They recall watching support acts like Bob Dylan and Stormzy and how performing before The Rolling Stones can be nerve-wracking for them. 

Ronnie and Charlie believe playing live concerts is vital for the band and their connection with the audience. 

They won a Grammy for their album “Blue and Lonesome,” which contains covers of their favorite blues songs. 

The album came about because Keith Richards asked Ronnie to play on a song, leading to more sessions and the album’s creation. 

They also talk about their late bandmate, Brain Jones, during tours. 

They mentioned that they used to feel like he was watching over them, and now they acknowledge his absence by saying “cut.” 

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