Who Is Kristen Tomassi? Ex-Wife Of Richard Branson

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Who Is Kristen Tomassi? Ex-Wife Of Richard Branson

Kristen Tomassi is famous as an ex-spouse of British business tycoon Richard Branson, who is the founder of the Virgin Group, one of the world’s leading brands. 

Tomassi is an architect and a designer. 

She Is Currently Married To Axel Dieter Ball

After splitting from Ayers, Tomassi met German property dealer Axel Dieter Ball and moved in with him. 

They later got married and have been together since then. The couple share two sons. 

She is currently residing in Spain with her now husband.

Kristen Tomassi and her husband.
Kristen Tomassi and her husband. Source: Instagram

Her Early Life 

Tomassi was born to her parents, Joseph H. Tomassi and Jacqueline Tomassi, in Southport, Connecticut

She was raised alongside her three sisters, Merril, Jacquelyn, and Lowell.

Her father was a businessman. He served as a director of international marketing and development for Libby, Mc Neill, and Libby International.

Tomassi attended Concord Academy for high school before attending Fairfield University in Connecticut.

She then went to Parsons School of Design in New York. She graduated with a major in architecture from Arizona State University’s School of Architecture.

Married Branson At A Very Young Age 

Tomassi was studying architecture and design when she married Branson on the 22nd of July, 1972. 

Both Tomassi and Branson were very young at the time of their marriage. 

Tomassi, at the time, was 20, and Branson was 21. However, their marriage could not last long, as they divorced in 1979. They do not share any kids.

Age and Net Worth

Tomassi was born on the 10th of August, 1972. She is currently 51 years old. Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million.

What Went Wrong In Their Marriage?

Branson, in his 1998 autobiography “Losing My Virginity: How I’ve Survived, Had Fun, and Made a Fortune Doing Business My Way, expressed that he and Tomassi had specific issues from the very beginning. 

They had a sexual allergy to each other. In his book, he wrote that every time he and Tomassi made love, a painful rash spread across him that would take him at least three weeks to heal. 

They visited several doctors to find a solution. He even had a circumcision to stop the reaction, but that didn’t work as well. 

In the book, he also revealed that they had an open marriage.

Kristen Tomassi's ex-husband, Richard Branson.
Kristen Tomassi's ex-husband, Richard Branson. Source: Pinterest

The Experiment Of Partner-Swapping 

The former couple tried partner-swapping, and it was Branson who persuaded the partner-swapping with then-married couple singer and songwriter Kevin Ayers and Cyrille Ayers.

As a result, Ayers and Tomassi ended up falling for each other. In an interview, Ayers revealed that it all began at a party at Branson’s then home in Notting Hill, West London, in the seventies. 

Branson had invited him to his party because, at the time, Virgin was interested in signing him. 

According to Ayers, Branson set him and Tomassi together to cement the attraction he had for his then-wife Cyrille.  

He organized an extraordinary foursome. Branson was playing it like a game, but little did he know that his wife would end up leaving him, he said.

Ayers And Branson Had A Different Story

Branson, in his autobiography, claimed that Ayers and Tomassi headed for the bedroom while he was left on a sofa, failing to seduce Cyrille.

While Ayers said, Branson disappeared with Cyrille into the bedroom while he and Tomassi were left looking at each other over the meal's remains. 

He claimed that they became intimate but didn’t have sex that night. Over the next few weeks, they started seeing together going to pubs and concerts and finally sleeping together.

Ayers and Tomassi ended up moving to Ayers’ house in Provence. 

They gave birth to their only daughter, Galen, and later bought a house in Majorca. Unfortunately, they called it quits after five years together.

Branson Tried Very Hard To Get Her Back

Branson tried every way possible to get Tomassi back and to save their failing marriage. 

Branson even admitted that fear of losing her crashed him down to the agony. 

He said she fell in love with someone else, and he fought to keep her. He chased her all over the world. 

Ayers recalled Branson making desperate, pleading phone calls to his wife late at night that would last for hours and writing her a flood of letters to win her back. 

Tomassi felt guilty, and he played on her guilt. But she didn’t want to hurt him. He said we fell in love and it was as simple as that.

Ayers also recalled Branson being aggressive towards him out of rage. He once pushed his oar into the water to splash me as they were punting on the Oxford River with a group of friends.

The second time, while he was doing a concert in Hyde Park, Branson yelled, “How could you do this to a friend, stealing my wife”? He was angry and emotional, Ayers said.

Branson and Tomassi still have a business relationship. When Branson bought a hotel in Majorca, he invited her to run for it. 

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