Kristina Tonteri-Young - Is She Single Or Has A Boyfriend?

by Manisha Sun Mar 05 2023 Updated On Fri Mar 08 2024
Kristina Tonteri-Young - Is She Single Or Has A Boyfriend?

Kristina Tonteri-Young is a Finnish and American actress who is known for starring in the Netflix series 'Warrior Nun.' 

She was born in Finland. Her parents moved to New York when she was six years old

She is also a former Ballerina, and she attended The Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow from 2009 to 2012

She got a Bachelor's degree in arts from Guildhall School of Music and Drama

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Is Kristina dating anyone?

Kristina is not dating and doesn't have a boyfriend.

Beautiful Kristina Tonteri-Young.
Beautiful Kristina Tonteri-Young. Source: Instagram

Age, Height, And Weight

Kristina is 26 years old. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall. She weighs around 53 kg.

Net worth

Her net worth is estimated to be $500k. She has managed to earn this fortune from her career as an actress.

Kristina talked about working post-pandemic

Kristina played the role of Beatrice in the Netflix series 'Warrior Nun,' which aired in 2020. Season one was a big hit, and everyone was eagerly waiting for season 2. 

Because of COVID, there was almost a two-year gap between seasons 1 and 2.

Kristina said that when she got back to shooting after the pandemic, she realized how it felt like working after so long. 

She added that there were mixed feelings when she got back to her job. She said she felt great and weird at the same time when she went to the after COVID. 

She said there were strict protocols related to COVID-19 on sets. 

She said they were not allowed to hang out with each other and were kept in separate rooms in the hotel. 

She added she could hear her co-star talking in another room and wished it would have been better if she got to hang out with them. 

She said it was a very sad situation. 

Kristina reveals her favorite scene from Warrior Nun

Kristina said that she loved one fighting scene that took place in the hallway in Season 1. 

She added she didn't get a chance to do such a thing in real life, so it was very interesting to beat a bunch of people on screen. 

Kristin said she was never a religious person

Kristin said that she was not raised in a religious family. She said they used to rarely go to church. 

She said she used to go to church with her parents on only Christmas time or Finish Independence Day. 

She said when they moved to New York City, they were connected to a Finnish church. 

Kristina researched a lot about nuns to prepare for her role

Kristina revealed that she researched a lot about nuns, their lifestyles, and how long it takes to become a nun for real. 

She said she did a long study about that. 

She said nuns have a very strict way of life. She added that research really helped her to portray the character of a nun.

She also added the more research she did, the more she was informed about how she played Beatrice because she just played like sometimes one feels kind of lost in their life and then they find something to focus on and they totally hyper-focus on that and make it their entire personality and lose themselves in that and they feel like they found themselves, but they are not themselves.

She said it was hard to play nun because of the costume, and she had to lift her skirt every time she walked up the stairs. 

She said wearing a hat was also painful as the hat pinned her ears against her head. 

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