Who Is Kurt Iswarienko? Ex-Husband Of Shannen Doherty

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Who Is Kurt Iswarienko? Ex-Husband Of Shannen Doherty

Kurt Iswarienko is the ex-husband of Shannen Doherty, an American actress. Kurt is a Photographer

He is mainly known for being in Pirates of the Caribbean, Clockstoppers, and That As They Say Is That.

Marriage And Divorce

Kurt and Shannen married on 15 October 2011 after having affairs for some years. They don't have children together.

His wife, Shannen, filed for divorce after 11 years of marriage, mentioning irreconcilable differences. 

Despite not wanting a divorce, she felt mentioning Kurt’s agent’s involvement was necessary. 

Shannen separated in January 2023 and was seeking spousal support.

This incident happened when Shannen was battling stage 4 breast cancer as well. 

Despite facing personal challenges, Shannen has been open about her cancer journey, valuing a responsibility to share her experiences and educate people about living with stage 4 cancer.  

Shannen has been married twice before Kurt

Her first husband is Ashley Hamilton. They got married in 1993 and separated in 1994

It was a short span of their marriage. 

Then, she got married to Rick Salomon in 2002. Unfortunately, they ended their marriage in 2003.

Kurt Iswarienko and his ex-wife, Shannen Doherty.
Kurt Iswarienko and his ex-wife, Shannen Doherty. Source: Instagram


Kurt was born on June 22, 1974, in Akron, Ohio, United States. He is 49 years old as of 2023. 

Net Worth

As an American actress, Kurt's ex-wife, Shannen's net worth is about $5 million.

Shannen Opened Up About Her Horrible Marriage

Shannen recently opened up on her podcast with her former co-star Jason Priestley about her challenges in separating her personal and professional life during her time in Beverly Hills, 90210. 

In the podcast, she revealed personal issues, including a difficult marriage and her struggle to be on time for work, which led to her life being fired after the fourth season in 1994.

Her marriage to Ashley Hamilton, which ended after a year due to his addiction problems, affected her punctuality and caused inconvenience for her co-stars, who had to work longer hours. 

Shannen wished for better communication from producers about her behavior before they decided to write her character out of the show. 

Despite acknowledging her responsibility, she felt discussing the consequences could have been more helpful.  

At 52, Shannen Doherty is currently battling stage 4 breast cancer

Shannen Is Battling With Breast Cancer 

Shannen is known for her roles in shows like 90210 and Charmed

She has been secretly dealing with cancer for a year

She was first diagnosed with breast cancer in 2015, which went into remission, but she recently knew that it had returned to stage 4. 

She kept this information private and only shared it with her close family and a few cast members. 

In an interview, she talked about her worries about how to reveal the news and the anxiety she faced while filming the 90210 reboot. 

She discussed an ongoing legal dispute with her insurance company, State Farm, related to damages from the Woolsey fire in 2018.

Shannen is speaking out now as her health conditions will become public ahead of a trial.  

Shannen is talking openly about her intense fear and shock after being diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer

She is worried about how it affected her loved ones and wants to make a positive impact through her legal battle with State Farm

She chose to share her illness with the public, showing courage.

Inspired by Stuart Scott’s quote, she aimed to live each day firmly and be remembered for something meaningful. 

The interview provides more insights into her upcoming appearance on Nightline. 

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