La fonda Sue Honeycutt

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La fonda Sue Honeycutt

La Fonda Sue Honeycutt is the first wife of Television personality, bounty hunter, and former bail bondsman, Duane Chapman.

La Fonda was born in 1953. She has two children with Duane named Duane Lee Chapman, II, and Leland Biane Chapman

She was married to Duane in 1972. She divorced him after five years of their marriage. 

La Fond's ex-husband and younger son
La Fond's ex-husband and younger son  Source: Instagram

Relationship Status Of Duane Chapman

Duane has been married 5 times to date. At first, he was married to La Fonda Sue Darnell. They married in 1972 and have two children. They later got divorced. 

After that, he got married to Ann Tegnell. They married in 1979 and have two sons. They lost their first son named Zebadiah, just a few days after his birth. 

Duane got married to his third wife, Lyssa Rae Brittain, in 1982. They were married for 9 years and had three children together, from which one of them died. 

Later he got married to Tawny Marie Chapman in 1994. They had no child together. They ended their marriage in 2002

After that, Duane married Alice Elizabeth Barmore in 2006. Duane has two children with her. 

He also adopted Alice's daughter, who was from her first marriage. He lost his fifth wife in 2019 as she was battling throat cancer. 

Currently, he is in a relationship with Francie Fane. They tied the knot in September 2021.

Duane with his fiancé
Duane with his fiancé  Source: Instagram 

About Duane Chapman

Duane's full name is Duane Lee Chapman is an American Television personality, bounty hunter, and former bail bondsman who was born on 2nd February 1953.

He is popularly known as Dog the Bounty Hunter. He was the son of late Wesley Duane and late Barbara Darlene Chapman

He was raised with his siblings by his parents. 

He became a famous TV personality after he caught Andrew Luster, a big-time rapist and drug seller

He has also appeared in a TV show named Dog the Bounty Hunter. After that, he started appearing in many TV series. 

He was also awarded for his performance in his TV series. 

La Fonda Sue Honeycutt with her daughter-in-law and granddaughter
La Fonda Sue Honeycutt with her daughter-in-law and granddaughter  Source: Instagram

Daughter Accused Duane Of Not Inviting Them On His Engagement

Duane, who had got engaged with his girlfriend, Francie France. They both are planning to get married soon. 

Duane's daughter Bonnie Chapmen accused him of not sending an invitation to her daughter in his engagement function. 

His daughter clarified why she was not invited to her father's engagement through social media. 

She tweeted, saying that her father decided not to invite her and her sister because of their involvement in the Black Lives Matter campaign. 

She opened up that her dad's fiance gave that reason for not inviting them. 

His daughter said he is a racist, and they can't help with it. 

Duane Can Arrest People

Duane gave an interview in a late-night talk show named Bobblehead. Conan O'Brien hosted that show. 

In that interview, they had talked about many things and enjoyed that interview well. 

Conan was first very scared with Duane's look, and he even said to Duane that he felt frightened. 

But it was a compliment for Duane. The very first thing Conan asked was Duane is not a cop, but still, he has that audacity to arrest the people, and the interview was curious to know-how. 

For that, he replied that anybody has the right to arrest the people who are doing wrong, but for that, they have to be Bounty hunters. 

Conan had even asked if he could arrest anyone he liked, but for that, Duane said that he had to get training from him and had to be certified first, and then only he could do that.

Duane revealed that he doesn't carry a gun but expects a gun. He does carry other armaments. 

Instead of carrying guns, he carries beanbag guns and lethal guns. For him, mace is the best weapon. 

He carries the fire extinguisher that contains mace in it. He opened up that he had even changed his overlooks to catch the wrong people, and for that, he just made his hairstyle different and wore a suit. 

He had never disguised himself as a girl to do that, and he has his wife with him. They both work together in a team.

He takes his wife with him every time he catches a criminal. The coolest thing he said was that he carries an arrest warrant inside his boots. 

Not many people know that he is a Bounty hunter, so he normally gets inside the other's house.  

To know more about the interview, do check the link.

Emotional On Talking About Her Ex-Wife

Duane Dog Chapman gave an interview on Entertainment tonight. It was his first interview after his wife Beth passed away. 

He got very emotional while talking about it. Duane and his wife Beth had been working together for many years, and after her death, he had been all alone, and he missed her. 

When the interviewer asked Duane how he was doing, he replied that he didn't know what was going on in his life.

It's his new experience. Everyone says him to come out of it, and he is trying his best to move on. 

His wife was his everything, and they both built American original. She was his soulmate. 

Duane had her every time, and they shot together to live together. When Duane's wife was alive, she used to tell him not to replace her. 

Her talks somehow showed that she knew that she would leave his side. Duane then said that he wouldn't give his place to anyone and no one will be with him after her.

Although his wife is not with him physically, he feels her presence mentally and emotionally. 

He opened up that he thinks that his wife Beth is with him wherever he goes, believing that she is watching him every time. 

Duane was carrying his wife's ashes with him in that interview. He revealed that his wife's final wish was to scatter that ashes somewhere. 

He feels morbid. He cannot throw that ashes anywhere and let her go. 

He was literally in tears while he was talking about that. He had the habit of touching her just after waking up. 

When she was hospitalized, Duane was there, and he was the one who had to wake up her.  

He hadn't slept properly because he was scared that his wife would stop breathing, and he didn't want to say goodbye. 

The interview was very emotional. To know more about the interview, do check the link.

Duane Broke His Promise To Beth 

Duane was married to his wife Beth for many years. The sudden demise of Beth caused a huge loss in Duane’s life. 

At the time of her death, Beth asked Duane to name her Tattoo in his heart and also not to get married again. As it was her last wish of Beth, Duane agreed and promised to fulfill it. 

He imprinted Beth’s name on his chest but about marriage, Duane failed to fulfill it. He promised his wife that he would not get married but he would date other women. 

A few weeks after the death of his wife Duane moved on in his life. He started dating a woman named Moon Angles who is also a friend of Beth

Duane told that Moon was the one who helped him when he was having a dark time after the death of Beth

He was having suicidal thoughts and that’s when Moon entered his life and changed everything. Moon made Duane do his work and live his life again. 

But soon after that their relationship became romantic and intimate. Shortly after Beth’s death, Moon moved into Beth’s closet and removed all things of Beth and replaced it with her own. 

Duane's one of the daughters also opened up that Duane proposed to Moon to get married to him. 

His daughter saw the text and was heartbroken seeing her dad proposing to other women a few weeks after her mom’s death. 

After Duane’s other daughter Lyssa found out about Moon moving to her mom’s closet, she twitted calling Moon a scum bag and a terrible woman. 

Sometime after that Moon left Duane’s house and Duane continued his search for finding a new woman. 

He then met Francie Fran and after some time Duane proposed to Francie for marriage. They happily got married. 

However, Duane broke the promise that he made to Beth.


La Fonda's ex-husband Duane is 68 years old.

Net Worth 

Duane has a net worth of $6 Million. His source of income is Television. 

His yearly income is $200k.

La Fonda's Husband Duane Was Accused Of Murder

Duane had a very dark past before gaining popularity as a TV star. 

When Duane was a teenager, he was sent to jail as he was charged for the first-degree murder of Oliver, who was a drug dealer

He was married to La Fonda, his first wife when he went to jail. 

Although he was married, he was not a responsible person. His life was out of control. 

When he went to hang out with his friend, La Fonda asked him not to go with his friends, but he ignored her. 

He went to Oliver's place to get the drug. 

He was waiting outside when he heard someone fighting with Oliver, and that person killed Oliver by firing a gun. 

Although he hadn't done anything, he was punished and kept in prison for five years as he was there when Oliver was killed. 

He later regretted that he shouldn't have ignored her wife. 

Duane Chapman Was Blamed For Being Racist

Duane ran his show named Dog the Bounty Hunter for many years. 

But a time back, Unleashed Entertainment banned his show. Duane was pissed off as his show was banned. 

After that, he also decided to take legal action against it. 

Unleashed Entertainment had banned the show as he kept on commenting inappropriate things on his show. 

He was also caught using racist slurs and talking inappropriately about bisexual people. 

In 2007, Duane was caught using racist words. 

The recording of him using racist words got viral, making him face a lot of hatred from people. 

But later, he said sorry for what he did, which made his show safe, and he could continue it. 

As Duane was again caught using racial slurs, people demanded to ban his show. 

The Unleashed Entertainment also thought he had gone too far and banned his show. 

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