Lady Gambon- Tragedy Of Sir Michael Gambon Wife

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Lady Gambon- Tragedy Of Sir Michael Gambon Wife

Lady Gambon is the wife of the late Irish–English actor Sir Michael Gambon. Her real name is Anne Miller. She was a mathematician. 

She is passionate about bookbinding. She is an English citizen by nationality.

Married Life Of Lady 

Lady was married to her late husband Michael Gambon. Lady and Michael got married back in 1962

Her husband was 22 years old when they got married. They shared a son named Fergus

Her husband was very private about their marriage life. They were married to each other until Michael’s death in 2023

Was Mrs Gambino Okay With Her Husband's Affair?

Lady and Michael were husband and wife for decades until Michael‘s death drifted them apart. 

However, their relationship ended back in 2000. Her husband left her and their house in 2000 as he fell in love with another woman. 

He started dating Philippa Hart. Michael introduced his girlfriend Philippa, 25 years younger than him, to everyone in 2002

They also shared two sons, Tom and Will. Michael started living with his partner, Philippa

Lady was heartbroken by her husband's infidelity, but she slowly happily accepted Michael’s new relationship. 

Lady Gambon's son.
Lady Gambon's son. Source: Pinterest

About Lady’s Late Husband Michael

Michael was an actor. He was well known for portraying Albus Dumbledore in the Harry Potter movie series. 

He was born in 1940 to his parents, Mary Hoore and Edward Gambon. He had his birthday on October 19. 

He died on September 27, 2023, from pneumonia. At the time of his death, his wife Anne and son Fergus.

Lady Gambon's husband, Sir Michael Gambon.
Lady Gambon's husband, Sir Michael Gambon. Source: Pinterest

Age And Net Worth 

Her late husband, Michael, was 82 years old at the time of his death. He had a net worth of $20 Million

Michael Was A Liar

Michael gave an interview to The Jonathan Ross Show where he revealed himself as a liar. 

The interviewer was very grateful that Michael showed up in his show because Michael doesn’t prefer doing talk shows, but he showed up which made Jonathan happy. 

Michael said that he often lies when he gives an interview and he shared a lie that he told in an interviewer. 

He once told an interviewer that he was a dancer at the Royal Ballet, and he did dancing there for about three years. 

He also made up a story about falling off the stage while dancing. 

He had told many kiddish lies in the interview because he never knew what to say during the interview, so he made up his own story. 

Michael Didn’t Think Singing Detectives Would Be A Hit

Michael started his acting career in his 20s. He did theatre for many years and got into TV after that.

He came to prominence after his role in the series Singing Detective

He played the character of Philip Marlowe, an honest director, and audience loved the show. 

Michael recalled the day the show director came and talked to him about the show. 

He had most of his scene in the bed, so the director approached him and asked his thoughts on the show. 

The director wanted to know if the show would be a hit, and Michael replied, saying he had no thoughts on it. 

He didn’t expect the show to be such a massive hit. 

Michael Retired From Acting

Michael was one of the best and most recognized actors in the industry. He loved his work and was grateful to be part of acting. 

He spent decades doing movies and TV shows, but sadly, in 2015, the actor announced his retirement. 

He was 74 years old when he announced that he wouldn’t be acting, all because of his memory. 

He felt evil to leave something that he loved.

Michael opened up that he started having problems remembering the script and admitted that he can’t act anymore. 

As an actor, it was hard and scary for him to say goodbye to his work, but he had to. 

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