Who Is Laila Hasanovic? Stunning Girlfriend Of Jonas Wind

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Who Is Laila Hasanovic? Stunning Girlfriend Of Jonas Wind

Laila Hasanovic is the girlfriend of Danish professional football player Jonas Wind

Laila herself is famous for being the finalist of Miss Denmark in 2019

Her parents raised her in Svendborg, Denmark. She currently works as a manager for a brand named Wearecube.

She is a Danish citizen.

Stunning Laila Hasanovic.
Stunning Laila Hasanovic. Source: Instagram

Her Love Life

Laila is not married yet, but she has a boyfriend named Jonas Wind, a football player. 

They have been dating each other since 2019

Laila and her boyfriend have a hectic schedule, and despite that, they somehow manage time to travel and have good times together.

 Laila Hasanovic with her boyfriend, Jonas Wind.
 Laila Hasanovic with her boyfriend, Jonas Wind. Source: Instagram

Age And Net Worth 

Laila is 22 years old. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 Million.

Her source of income is a brand manager and Instagram influencer. 

Laila Hasanovic and Jonas Wind.
Laila Hasanovic and Jonas Wind. Source: Instagram

Laila Played Handball

Laila has been Miss Denmark and has also been doing vlogs about her traveling. 

In one of the vlogs she made, when she and her boyfriend Jonas were exploring Copenhagen, they both went to Fun Park, where they ate different types of food and played a game where they had to throw a ball to a tin can tower and destroy it. 

Laila then revealed that as a child, she played handball and was good at it. 

So she hit the ball but failed on her first try. She destroyed the tin towers on the second try, but a few cans remained. 

She couldn’t hit all the cans at multiple attempts. However, Jonas appreciated her making Laila feel good.

Laila Started Vlogging Because Of Her Friends

Laila uploaded her first vlog on YouTube on 7 July 2022 in Croatia

She revealed in the same vlog that she started vlogging because she was inspired by her friends making Vlogs on YouTube

Her friends were from the USA and were getting together in Croatia that day. 

She also took suggestions from her agent about her starting the vlogs on YouTube, and her agent was also optimistic about it. 

She wanted her supporters to know more about her and her life. 

She also wanted to show her good and bad days to all her audience. Hence, she started to vlog.

Laila‘s Boyfriend Jonas Wants To End Up In Premier League

Jonas currently plays in the Bundesliga club VfL Wolfsburg in Germany and has been one of the consistent players in the club and the league. 

He also expressed that he was having a good time in the club and was improving. 

But when asked about Arsenal FC, he said it was his dream club. 

The forward revealed that he was not going anywhere for now, but shortly, he would want to move to Arsenal FC as it is the club he has always looked after and idolized. 

He also admitted that Premier League is the best and toughest league in the world, so he wants to end up in Premier League in the coming days if he gets the opportunity. 

Jonas Was Injured Before World Cup

Jonas was injured with a hamster injury at the beginning of the season of 2022/23, and it was a serious one.

He was constantly treating the injury and working out for a quick recovery. 

It took more than a month to get fully recover. After four weeks, he started to run a little but had some injury left. 

He wanted to return as soon as possible for the club and his National team. 

But he also knew that a complete recovery was necessary to show his true potential. 

However, he was confident that he would be excellent before the World Cup and would get to play for his nation. 

He was excited to play for his country and represent the country to the world.

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