Who Is Lakiha Spicer? Wife Of Mike Tyson

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Who Is Lakiha Spicer? Wife Of Mike Tyson

Lakiha Spicer is the wife of Mike Tyson. Her husband is a former professional boxer. 

She was born in Philadelphia. She has a younger brother. Her parents are Shamsud-Din Ali and Faridah Ali

She belongs to an African-American Muslim family. She is an entrepreneur and runs a clothes boutique.

Marriage And Children

Lakiha was introduced to her husband by Don King, who used to be his boxing promoter and was a good friend of Lakiha's father. 

They met in one of Mike's fights and began dating back in 2000. 

She was just 18 when she met him. After dating for nine years, they tied the knot in 2009

Their marriage was a private affair. They tied the knot in Las Vegas Hilton Hotel.

The two share two kids, Milan and Morocco. Mike said that Lakiha had changed his life as she played a vital role in helping him to get rid of his drug addiction. 

He was married twice before he met Lakiha. His first marriage took place in 1988 to Robin Givens which ended in 1999. And his second marriage was with Monica Turner from 1997 to 2003.

He said that marrying Lakiha has changed his perspective toward marriage.

Lakiha Spicer with her husband, Mike Tyson.
Lakiha Spicer with her husband, Mike Tyson. Source: Pinterest

Lakiha Served In Jail For Six Months

In 2008 Lakiha was convicted of fraud. She was sentenced to six months after defrauding 60k pounds from her father's company. 

A week before going to jail, she knew she was pregnant with Tyson's baby. After serving six months behind bars, she came out and gave birth to their firstborn.


Lakiha was born in 1977, and her current age is 43. She is 5 feet 8 inches tall. She weighs around 65 kg.

Net Worth

Lakiha's net worth is estimated to be $3 million. 

Mike Is Sued For Raping A Woman

Mike was previously convicted of rape in 1992. He was sentenced to six years. 

He was released in 1995 because of his good behavior. He has been dealing with the regrets of the deed he committed back then. 

However, Mike's past came back to haunt him. A woman sued Mike for allegedly raping her at a popular Albany nightclub in 1990.

The victim's identity remains secret. He had been sued for $5 million for raping her. 

Lakiha Spicer's husband, Mike Tyson.
Lakiha Spicer's husband, Mike Tyson. Source: Instagram

Lakiha's Thoughts About Mike's Tattoo 

Mike decided to get a tattoo on his face. The two were not dating then, as they had just broken up. 

Lakiha found out about his face tattoo through New York Post. She said that her friends called her and asked about what was wrong with him. 

She admitted that she liked it and thought it was clever. 

She said it was a smart move, and people would recognize him immediately by seeing his face tattoo. 

Will Mike Fight With Jake Paul?

Jake Paul is a professional boxer who wishes to fight Mike Tyson. Jake keeps saying that he wants to fight with Tyson.

When Mike was asked about what are his thoughts on fighting Jake.

He replied he never took that seriously. But if they fight, that would be very interesting. 

He said that he is a skilled and a good fighter. He appreciated Jake for winning every title. 

Did Mike Bribe A Police Officer?

Mike gave his Lamborghini to a police officer as a tip. He shared that he was getting arrested, so he gave his car away.

He said when he called a police station, he learned that his car's worth was too much for what he had done. 

So he wanted the car back. He said the police got fired and joked that he shouldn’t be taking bribes. 

Mike Drove A Car To A Convenient Store

Mike said that, at that time, he was not an experienced driver. So when driving, he thought his car was going to take off, and his car got through the window. 

He freaked out and got out of the car. He asked a person to note his number and said he would pay for everything, and then he left from there. 

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