Who Is Lakimba Banks? Sister Of Azealia Banks

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Who Is Lakimba Banks? Sister Of Azealia Banks

Lakimba Banks is the sister of  American rapper, singer, and songwriter Azealia Banks.

Lakimba is a transsexual. She didn’t like being called a “lesbian,” so she became a transman.

About Her Sister

Her sister, Azealia, also identifies as bisexual. But, she doesn’t like society characterizing a person according to their sexual orientation.

She is an independent artist. She has been the most provocative rapper of the generation. 

Azealia's real name is Amanda Banks. She has also played Coco in the movie Love Beats Rhymes (2017).

Azealia has always been tangled in gossip with anything she does. 

Her open social media views regarding politics and people have created some debate. 

Her most popular hit songs are Luxury, 212,1991, Atlantis, etc.

Lakimba Banks with her sister, Azealia Banks.
Lakimba Banks with her sister, Azealia Banks. Source: Facebook

Sister's Love Life

Azealia is currently single. Despite being free in her opinion on people and politics, she mostly likes to keep her love life and relationships private.

She was in a relationship with Jesse Bradford in 2015

She announced that she was in a relationship with Ryder Ripps in public in 2019.

After two years of dating, the couple declared they were engaged through an Instagram post. 

Sadly, only two weeks after their engagement, Azealia posted that they had broken off and were over. 

She said that Ryder Ripps was insecure about their relationship. 

Lakimba Banks's sister Azealia Banks.
Lakimba Banks's sister Azealia Banks. Source: Facebook


Lakimba’s sister, Azealia, is 31 years old. S

Net Worth

Lakimba’s sister, Azealia's net worth is $3,000,000. She earns most of it from rapping, singing, songwriting, and acting

Azealia’s Witchcraft Trauma

Azealia’s mom was a witch. After her husband’s death, she physically and verbally abused her daughters.

She would always hit, yell and try to starve her children to death. As a result, Azealia and her sisters were constantly terrified and living in fear.  

She finally moved out with her sister at the age of 14. 

A Scene With Beyonce And Kim K

Azealia has had quite some judgments about Beyonce, her husband, and Kim Kardashian

It started when it was rumored that Kim K told her that she had become vegan, which helped her deal with Psoriasis.  

Banks replied on her Instagram story,  “Wasn’t she just eating cheese n sausage with Fleet Davidson?”.

After that, even the rapper Bey standing up for Kim didn’t stop her. Banks then talked about Beyoncé and her relationship with her husband, Jay-Z.

She wrote something disgusting about Beyonce and Jay-Z also on her Instagram.

This tea from Azealia was trending all over social media. Some people found it disrespectful toward Kim and Beyonce, while others found it very interesting. 

Some also think that she's siding with Beyonce and speaking up for her but doing it very wrongly.

Azealia Slept In A Storage Space

When Azealia was climbing the fame ladder, some people didn’t want to book her because she was not much excited. 

She was broke. She was and continues to be very open and public about her opinion. 

This makes other people attack her and try to rant badly about her. 

Most celebrities do not like her very much, saying she has a bad attitude. 

Because of this, she would not get booked for shows in the past and was so out of money that she had to sleep in a storage space. 

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