Who Is Lamar Jackson Sr.? Father Of Lamar Jackson

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Lamar Jackson Sr. is the late father of Lamar Jackson, who is an American football quarterback. He was married to Felicia Jones.

He was a football coach.

Lamar Jackson Sr.'s wife and their son.
Lamar Jackson Sr.'s wife and their son. Source: Twitter

Lamar Played The Game After Getting Injured

The Baltimore Ravens played a football game against the Cincinnati Bengals

Both teams faced injuries during the match. 

The Bengals quarterback, Joe Burrow, got injured and won’t play for the rest of the season. 

Then, the Raven’s quarterback player, Lamar, also got hurt, but he managed to keep playing. 

Despite the injury scare, Lamar quickly returned to the game and showed his toughness and leadership.

His teammates admired his determination. 

Lamar played well, throwing for yards and touchdowns, and he assured everyone he was fine after a brief evaluation. 

He is crucial for the Ravens, especially after missing essential games in the past due to injuries. 

The Ravens won the game, and now they have a healthier quarterback situation than other teams in their division, the AFC North

Lamar expressed concern for injured players on other teams, valuing that he doesn’t want to see anyone getting hurt in the league. 


His son, Lamar, is 26 years old.

Net Worth

Lamar's net worth is about $120 million as a football quarterback

Lamar Has Grown As A Leader

In an interview, Lamar talked about how he has grown as a leader on and off the football field this season. 

He said he got better at throwing the football accurately because he worked hard and faced tough competition. 

He credited his coach, T Martin, for helping him develop as a quarterback. 

Lamar thinks it's essential to be focused and well-prepared, especially when facing a team for the second time.

He also discussed his role as a leader in the Ravens’ quarterback room, mentioning how he went from wanting to learn about NFL defenses to being more vocal and discussing strategies with coaches. 

Lamar believes their success comes from solid teamwork and focus in the locker room. 

He accepts areas for improvement, such as reducing fumbles and managing the team’s schedule, and stresses the importance of staying calm and focused on their goals.

He shared he is improving at throwing the ball, learning from his coach, and leading his team effectively. 

He believed teamwork and focus are crucial to success.

Lamar Relationship Status

Lamar is dating Jamie Taylor

They have been together since their college days at the University of Louisville

They are not married yet, but they have a kids together named Milan. Jamie is a groomer based in Los Angeles.

Lamar Jackson Sr.'s son Lamar Jackson.
Lamar Jackson Sr.'s son Lamar Jackson. Source: Instagram

Died On Same Day As His Mother Died

Lamar Sr. died in 2005. He died the same day his mother died due to a heart attack.

Lamar Sr. coached his son and played an essential role in his football development. 

Unfortunately, Lamar passed away when his son was just eight years old, and his wife, Felicia, continued to support their son in his football career. 

Felicia was an athlete herself, participating in track and field events. She raised her children as a single mother very well.

She has always been actively involved in Lamar’s football journey, attending practices and games to cheer him on. 

Despite her busy schedule, she prioritized her family and positively impacted Lamar’s life.

In interviews, Lamar has expressed his gratitude for his parent’s support, with his father teaching him the game’s principles and his mother being his rock, instilling in him the virtues of hard work and determination. 

Lamar’s parents sacrificed for his career, driving him to games and practices and investing in equipment and training. 

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