Who Is Lance McAdams? Father Of Rachel Mcadams

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Who Is Lance McAdams? Father Of Rachel Mcadams

Lance Mcadams is the father of Rachel Mcadams, a Canadian actress. Lance's wife is Sandra Mcadams.

Lance Mcadams's daughter and wife.
Lance Mcadams's daughter and wife. Source: Instagram

Daughter's Relationship Status

Rachel is not married yet. But she is dating her long-time boyfriend, Jamie Linden, a screenwriter. 

They welcomed their first child in April 2018. They welcomed their second child in 2020.

Rachel Talked About Her Motherhood Journey

Rachel is an actress and a mom. When she worked on the movie Are You There God?

It’s Me, Margaret, her younger daughter, and her son with her on the set. 

The people on the set were friendly and supportive of her being a mom, even when she had to send her breast milk away during the day. 

Being a mom, she sometimes feels guilty about working even though she gets to spend a lot of time with her kids. 

These feelings influenced how she played a mom in the movie based on Judt Blume’s book, which took 50 years to become a movie. 

Her guilt affected how she acted as Barbara Simon, the mom in the movie based on Judy Blume’s book. 

Rachel talked about preparing for her role. Filmmakers wanted the film to be relatable and honest, showing that moms can be sexy, too. 

She has already won awards for her performance, and the film might even be considered for an Oscar


His daughter is 45 years old.

Net Worth

As a Canadian actress, Lance's daughter Rachel's net worth is about $25 million

Lance Mcadams with his daughter, Rachel Mcadams.
Lance Mcadams with his daughter, Rachel Mcadams. Source: Twitter

Rachel's Reflecting On Her Early Career Journey

Rachel talked about her early career. 

She mentioned her passion for theatre and figure skating and her part-time job at McDonald’s

Working at McDonald’s taught her the value of hard work and helped her overcome her fear of germs. 

She admits to enjoying McDonald’s and even craved it during her pregnancy. 

She discussed her breakthrough roles in films like Mean Girls and The Notebook, where she realized her life was about to change. 

However, the sudden fame became overwhelming, leading her to take a two-year break from acting to escape the public eye. 

She returned to acting and starring in movies like Spotlight, which earned her an Oscar nomination

Now, Rachel balances her career with motherhood, finding comfort in playing a mom on screen. 

She understands that acting doesn’t come easy, so she prefers taking on a few projects a year that truly fulfill her. 

The Role Of Regina George Is Still Stuck With Rachel

Rachel said high school wasn’t easy for her; she often felt awkward and unsure. 

She sees these universal struggles in the film Margaret

Her parents were not stage parents; her mom was a nurse, and her dad worked as a mover

Her first plane ride was to Sicily for her first movie at 21, and even though she was scared during turbulence, she liked being in Italy. 

Rachel remembers her part in Mean Girls and how the director helped her become a character by recommending movies and music. 

She thinks about how the role of Regina George still sticks with her as people continue to quote lines from the movie when they talk to her. 

Rachel talked about her famous line in Mean Girls, “Get in the car loser,” saying she was tired when she delivered it. 

She lived right behind the school where they filmed and would go home for a nap during lunch breaks. 

She shared her idea of success: balancing work and home life and feeling present. 

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