Who is Lancelot Owens, Sr.? Father Of Queen Latifah

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Who is Lancelot Owens, Sr.? Father Of Queen Latifah

Lancelot Owens, Sr. is the father of Dana Elaine Owens, who is known as Queen Latifah. His daughter is a renowned singer, rapper, and actress

He worked as a police tactical officer. He was married to Rita Bray, who was a school teacher. 

They got separated when Latifah was just ten years old. They shared two kids. Lancelot's ex-wife died in 2018 due to heart failure.

Lancelot Owens, Sr.'s ex-wife, and their daughter.
Lancelot Owens, Sr.'s ex-wife, and their daughter. Source: Instagram

Vietnam War Took A Huge Toll On Lancelot 

Lancelot was recruited to Vietnam War. He had to experience many things during the war, and because of that, he suffered from mental health issues. 

He also took drugs following his experience in war. 

In an interview, Latifah said that because of the war, her father was not present when they needed financial help. 

She further said that her parents' broken marriage was mainly because of the Vietnam War

He left his family, and his ex-wife singlehandedly raised their kids. 

Is Latifah Married?

Latifah is not married yet but has been dating her partner Eboni Nichols since 2013. Eboni is a choreographer.

They first met on the set of Dancing with the Stars. The couple has a son named Rebel, who was born in 2019.

Queen Latifah with her partner.
Queen Latifah with her partner. Source: People


His daughter Latifah is 53 years old.

Net Worth

His daughter Latifah's net worth is estimated to be $70 million

Latifah's Babysitter Abused Her

When Latifah was a child, she was sexually abused by her Babysitter. She later revealed that she never told anyone about that incident. 

She said she kept that secret, held it for the longest time, and maintained her distance from people. 

She was just five when the guy molested her. She said that the abuser was known to the family, so she was scared to tell about that to her parents. 

She said that if she had told her dad, he would have killed him, and she didn’t want that to happen. 

Latifah wanted to free herself from that burden and tell her parents about what she had gone through, so she told them about the abuse when he turned 22. 

She said that her mother felt terrible, and her father remained speechless. 

Latifah Was Body-Shamed 

Queen revealed that she was bullied at school. She said that her friends at school made fun of her body shape as she was the biggest girl in her class. 

She mentioned she was insecure about her breasts because she thought they were too big. 

When she was 18 or 19, she dated a guy who loved her body, making her feel good about herself. 

However, people still judged her body when she was an adult, making her constantly think about her weight. 

When she stepped into the acting industry, she was asked to lose weight to get roles in the industry because of the prevalent body standards in Hollywood. 

She revealed that she was asked to lose weight when she was on the show Living Single

It not only broke her heart but also made her furious. She told them that she was not going to lose any weight. 

Queen Lost Her Brother In A Motorbike Accident

Queen's brother Lancelot Owens, Jr was a police officer who died at 23 in a motorbike accident. 

She bought the motorbike for his brother on which her brother died. It made things worse for her. 

She felt guilty and was angry with God. She said she didn’t know how to deal with the pain and loss for the rest of her life. 

She added no one can replace her brother. She said that they were best friends. Slowly with the help of her family, she healed. 

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