Who Is Laraine Marie Brennan? Ex-Wife Of Martin Scorsese

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Laraine Marie Brennan is the ex-wife of filmmaker and director Martin Scorsese. She worked as a producer

They were married from 1965 to 1971. They had a daughter, Cathy Scorsese. They welcomed their only daughter on 7 December 1965.

Laraine Marie Brennan's ex-husband and their daughter.
Laraine Marie Brennan's ex-husband and their daughter. Source: The Independent

Martin Had Four Failed Marriages                                  

Martin married his first wife, Laraine, in 1965. 

After separating from her, he tied the knot with journalist Julia Cameron. Their marriage lasted only for a year. 

Then, he married Isabella Rossellini, and they were together for only three years. 

He does not have any kids from his third marriage. His fourth ex-wife is Barbara De Fina

They were married for six years. His current spouse is Helen Morris

They got married in 1999, and they have been together ever since. They have a daughter. 

Martin Scorsese with his current wife.
Martin Scorsese with his current wife. Source: Instagram


Her ex-husband, Martin, is 81 years old

Net Worth

Her ex-husband, Martin, has an estimated net worth of $200 million

Martin Talked About Robbie Robertson

Martin and Robbie have been friends for a very long time. Robbie was a musician who passed away in 2023.

He shared he met Robbie via Jonathan Taplan

He said Jonathan arranged a screening of his movie for him at Warner Brothers, and he got to meet Robbie there. 

He said he loved listening to his songs as they always played for the audience, not for the film.

He said later they met again in Beverly Hills at a Chinese restaurant and found that they had similar interests. 

Robbie collaborated with him in the movie Killers of the Flower Moon

He shared that Robbie was very different from others as a musician. He said he used to talk about what sound was like. 

He added he knew he liked the guitar sound, so he created a howling of the coyote. 

He said Robbie created the sound that he asked for. 

Martin Was An Altar Boy

Martin helped the priest during Catholic service. He revealed he was an altar boy for four years. 

He revealed he was always late for 7 a.m. mass and that they kicked him out. 

He said he used to ring the bell, which was quite a pressure. 

He said he loved doing his duties but could not get up early in the morning to make it to mass.

He said his priest was a great mentor, and they stayed friends.

Martin Talked About Tribal Leaders Acting In The Movie

Martin is a director and co-producer of the western crime drama film Killers of the Flower Moon, which is based on the murders of Osage members after the oil was found on their land. 

In that movie, the real Osage tribal leaders have also acted. 

Martin Talked About Working With Al Pacino

Martin worked with Al Pacino in a movie called Irishman for the first time. 

He said he met Al in 1970. Al was doing great movies then and was friends with his friends. 

He said Al was beyond his reach at that time. He said he finally met Al, who worked on the same project. 

He said their project got so long, and they got busy with other work in between. The actors were too old to play young when they met to shoot again. 

He said Al had to look like a 49-year-old guy, but he was 78 then, and his face also changed slightly. 

He went to Al and told him that he was supposed to look like a 49-year-old. Gary came to shoot again, and when they started rolling the camera, Al shouted 62

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