Who Is Larsa Pippen? Ex-Wife Of Scottie Pippen

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Who Is Larsa Pippen? Ex-Wife Of Scottie Pippen

Larsa Pippen is the ex-wife of NBA player Scottie Pippen. They together have four children. 

Larsa is professionally an actress, TV personality and model

She belongs to the African-American ethnicity. She is an American citizen.

Parents Of Larsa Pippen
Parents Of Larsa Pippen Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Larsa is single and is parenting her children whom she had with her ex-husband Scottie

They were married after a short time of dating in 1997

They together have four children named Justin, Preston, Scotty, and Sophia

They had a great married life up to 19 years.

Cheated On Her Husband

Larsa and Scottie’s married life was going well until 2016 when Scottie filed a divorce against Larsa

It was revealed that Larsa cheated on the NBA player.

Larsa admitted that she was seeing Tristan Thompson at that time. 

She also revealed that she was dating Future

But their divorce was not successful as they both sorted out things. 

But in 2018, Larsa again filed divorce against Scottie

This time as well the court didn’t agree upon their divorce. But in 2021, they finally got divorced.

Larsa Pippen ex-husband Scottie Pippen and son
Larsa Pippen ex-husband Scottie Pippen and son Source: Instagram


She is 47 years old. Her height is 5 feet 2 inch.

Net Worth

The net worth of Larsa is $10 Million. Her main source of income comes as being an actress, Tv personality and model.

Larsa Broke Her Leg

Larsa was enjoying her time in Ocean in 2021 with her two friends. 

There was a yacht and they were enjoying the moment. 

While jumping from the yacht to swim in Ocean, the actress broke her leg. 

She was in so much pain that she started crying. Her two friends rescued her into the yacht. 

She told about her condition through her Instagram account. 

She expressed that she was in pain and couldn’t walk. She revealed that she cried a lot.

Larsa Pippen with her children
Larsa Pippen with her children  Source: Instagram

Larsa Revealed About Her Butt

Larsa opened up about the work that she has done to her body and she spoke everything honestly. 

She revealed that she had done surgery on her lips and nose. She also revealed that she also had her boobs job done.

But she denied the fact that she had butt surgery. 

When one of the hosts told her that her butt doesn’t look natural, she said that she does exercise and works out almost daily. 

She called herself athletic and said that it was the reason behind her butt shape.

Larsa Copies Kim Kardashian

Larsa was accused of the fact that she talks like Kim Kardashian and sounds like her. 

Moreover, she was blamed that she copies Kim and wants to be like her. 

But she denied all the accusations and said that she is not trying or copying anyone and she is proud to be herself. 

Also, she expressed that she might have sounded like her because of the time they spent together. 

They were best friends for almost 14 years according to her. So it was obvious for her to sound a bit like Kim Kardashian.

Larsa Doesn’t Backbite 

Larsa has been a part of Real Housewives of Miami and after separating from the Kardashians, she has really been close to Lisa who is her castmate. 

Larsa revealed that many of the cast of Real Housewives of Miami backbite about people they hate or don’t like. 

She said that many of them were fake. She then expressed that she was not fake with anyone. 

If she had something to tell to anyone, she would say it to their face. 

Her friend Lisa also revealed that she was not fake at all. 

Lisa told that except for Larsa’s boobs and some other parts, she was not fake in any way


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