Who Is Laura Baines? Wife Of Nate Bargatze

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Who Is Laura Baines? Wife Of Nate Bargatze

Laura Baines is the wife of comedian Nate Bargatze. She is a talent manager at Bargatze Enterprise and serves as executive producer of The Nateland Podcast

She has a bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Middle Tennessee State University

Laura Baines with her husband, Nate Bargatze.
Laura Baines with her husband, Nate Bargatze. Source: Instagram

How Did She Meet Nate?

Laura met her spouse while working at Applebee's restaurant in Tennessee. Both of them were in their early 20s. 

Nate later moved to Chicago to pursue comedy, and Laura was very supportive as his partner. 

They were in a long-distance relationship as Laura was still working and living in Tennessee while her husband was in Chicago

Nate proposed to her in 2005, and they got married in 2006. They share a daughter, Harper Blair. They welcomed their daughter on 8 July 2012.

Laura Baines with her husband and their daughter.
Laura Baines with her husband and their daughter. Source: Instagram


Her husband, Nate, is 44 years old

Net Worth

Her husband, Nate's net worth is estimated to be $4.5 million

Nate Broke Attendance Record In Nashville

Nate has a record-breaking show at Bridgestone Arena in Nashville. There were around twenty thousand people in that arena. 

His special is one of the biggest shows in the history of Amazon Prime. His every show is sold out. 

In an interview, he joked that he stole one of the chairs from the Bridgestone area so no one could ever break his record. 

Nate's Dad Put Screen Door In A Wrong Way

Nate shared that his mother wanted a screen door to have a normal house like everyone else. 

He said it was the first home they purchased in Old Hickory, and his dad messed it up. 

She asked her husband for a screen door, and he got it for her but put that in the wrong way. 

The handle was on the wrong side, and the screen door was on the other side. They had to enter their home differently. 

Nate Talked About His Father

Nate's father opens some of his comedy shows. He said his father has been doing a great job. 

He joked that it was his dream to travel with his dad when he turned 44 years old. He said his father is a prankster. 

He said his dad did a prank on his brother Derek

He said his brother wanted to paint all the doors, so he took all the knobs and handles from the doors and laid those doors on a sheet in a room. 

His father brought an extra door knob and kept it there, and his brother was confused that one door had gone missing. 

Nate Owns A Company 

Nate started a company called Nateland, a production company that makes family-friendly comedy specials. 

He said the showcase is out on Nateland Entertainment's YouTube

Bargatze Knows Nothing About His Taxes

Bargatze said that he lives in a neighborhood where everyone has real jobs. 

He said he is always asked about his property taxes. He replied to them that it must be what they are. 

He said one guy wanted to know the exact figure, so he told him he paid one hundred dollars as property tax. 

The guy got so mad so decided to lower that amount and said $85 a month. The guy was clueless after hearing that. 

He said he had never asked his wife about their taxes, so he did not know about his property taxes. 

Nate Does Not Understand Court Duties

Nate said he always wanted to have a lawyer while growing up. 

He said he had seen people calling their lawyer on the phone, but he never had one. He said he knew nothing about court stuff. 

Once, he missed out on jury duty because of COVID-19, and he was scared to go there. 

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