Laura Bassett

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Laura Bassett

Laura Bassett is the mother of the actor and singer Joshua Bassett

More about Laura and Her Family

Laura lives in Oceanside, California. She married a man named Taylor Bassett and has six children, with Taylor five daughters and a son

Her daughter’s names are Ashley Basset, Winter Bassett, Alison Bassett, Claire Bassett, and Hannah Bassett.

Her son Joshua Bassett is the most famous one in their family. 

Joshua was born on December 22, 2000, and, his age is twenty years old now. 

He gained fame through the Disney channel’s show Stuck in The Middle

His fame was later added when he appeared as Ricky Bowen in the High School Musical: The Musical Series: The series. 

Family of Laura
Family of Laura   Source: Instagram

Professional Life and Hobbies of the Son

Her son Joshua was introduced to musical theatre when he was just seven years old. 

He has performed on over thirty musical productions as of 2021

He is currently signed with a talent and entertainment company called United Talent Agency

He has also signed a recording contract with Warner Records. He released his first single song called Common Sense on April 3, 2020, on various music platforms. 

He has over two million views on his YouTube channel. Later, he also released his second single song called Anyone Else, which was released on July 16, 2020

This song has over four million views on his YouTube channel. Next, he released a song called Lie, Lie, Lie on March 12, 2021

This song has more than ten million views on his YouTube channel. 

He has appeared on other series like Grey’s anatomy, Lethal Weapon, Game shakers, Dirty John, and Nickelodeon’s unfiltered.   

Joshua likes to play guitar, ukulele, piano, and drums. He loves singing and wants to take his singing career side by side with his acting.  

He seems to be focusing more on his music career for now. 

Son’s Sexuality

Joshua talked about him having deep admiration towards the renowned singer Harry styles in an interview with Clever News

This interview got viral on various social media platforms. He mentioned that Harry Styles is a classy man. He also added that he adores him. 

He mentioned that he is cool and hot too. After praising Harry Styles, he casually said that it was a coming-out video maybe. 

This interview went viral, and Joshua hence took this matter to his own Instagram post. 

He said that people have always tried to shame him for the things that he liked. 

He said, love whoever you want shamelessly. He also thanked everyone who stands for love and acceptance. But he told his fans not to put labels on his sexuality. 

Laura Bassett son Joshua Bassett 
Laura Bassett son Joshua Bassett    Source: Instagram

He also stated that life is too short to surround yourself with negativity. Also, he said he sends love to everyone who is figuring out what they are. 

Son’s Relationship

Joshua was in a relationship with his co-star of High School Musical: The Musical Series: The Series, Olivia Rodrigo, but they broke up after few months of dating. 

Later, Olivia Rodrigo released a song dedicated to him called Driver’s License, which is now the greatest hit song worldwide. 

Joshua was constantly dragged on this topic. He even got hate comments and death threats after the release of that song. 

Joshua and Olivia
Joshua and Olivia   Source: Pinterest

Net Worth

The education, career, and professional life of Laura Bassett has not been disclosed. However, the net worth of her son is structured below:

Net WorthSources
$1 millionActor, singer, songwriter

Age, Height, and Weight

  1. The age, height, and weight of Laura have not been disclosed.
  2. Her Instagram account is private, having only one hundred and fifty followers.

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