Who Is Laura Deibel? Ex-Wife Of Tim Allen

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Who Is Laura Deibel? Ex-Wife Of Tim Allen

Laura Deibel is the ex-wife of American actor and comedian Tim Allen. She was born in Omena, Michigan

She is currently living in Sherman Oaks, California.  She used to work as a sales manager. She is an American citizen.

Married Life Of Laura 

Laura was previously married to Tim Allen, a well-known actor. The couple married each other back in 1984. 

They shared a daughter named Katherine, born after five years of marriage. 

After Laura gave birth to Katherine, she left her job to look after her. 

They were married to each other till 2003, and she was also the CEO of his company till their divorce. 

After her divorce from Tim, she returned to working as a sales manager.

Laura Deibel with her ex-husband, Tim Allen.Laura Deibel with her ex-husband, Tim Allen.
Laura Deibel with her ex-husband, Tim Allen. Source: Pinterest

How Did Laura Meet Tim?

Laura met Tim when she was in high school. They both went to the same University, and soon after knowing each other, they started dating. 

They were very young when they fell in love, but Laura always stood with Tim.

Why Was Laura Divorced From Tim?

Laura and Tim were married for a long time, and Laura showed immense support to Tim during their marriage. 

She even waited for Tim to get married to her when he was in Jail. 

When they married and had a child together, Tim's acting career was rising, and because of that, he didn't get much time to spend with his family. 

He used to be busy, and because of that, Laura and Tim started having issues in their marriage. 

They argued over small matters, and Tim cheated on Laura when they were married. 

Tim agreed that he never gave much importance to Laura and their daughter when they married and divorced. 

As of now, it is unknown if Laura has anyone special in her life or not.

Age And Net Worth 

Laura is 66 years old. Her net worth is estimated to be $1 Million. Her source of income is sales manager.

Laura Waited For Tim To Get Out

Laura graduated in 1978 from her high school and started to go to college, where he met and fell in love with Tim.

They had many memories, but Tim was found with a lot of drugs in his baggage at the airport, for which he got arrested. 

He used to drink and have drugs at a young age as he lost his father in an accident. 

He used to impress adults with his jokes and behaviour and then steal their drinks and drugs. For this, he served in jail for two total years.

But Laura didn’t leave him. She loved him more than anything. So she waited for him for all the years. 

She knew that she could have a great future with Tim. Due to this, she waited for Tim to get out of prison and stayed loyal and honest.

Laura Deibel's ex-husband, Tim Allen.
Laura Deibel's ex-husband, Tim Allen. Source: Pinterest

Tim Had To Go To Rehab

Tim was a star, and he had no restrictions on money or resources. So he smoked every day, drank alcohol and drugged himself. 

He revealed that he wanted to try every new drug that he got. He was an addict. 

Many incidents happened in his life because of his addiction which was not good, but he was not ready to give up his addiction habit. 

He was even sent to rehab. But later, people helped him get through his addiction. 

The program he joined made him realize that Tim had to try daily to eliminate his addiction. 

Tim revealed that it was hard to give up the addiction as it was a long process. But he was finally sober at 44 years of age.

Tim Cried In Front Of The Panel

Tim opened up about his feelings and experience after playing the voiceover of Buzz Light-year in the movie Toy Story. 

He was promoting the animation series Toy Story when he got emotional in front of the media and had tears in his eyes. 

He was proud of himself for being part of the movie series. 

The movie has made him an icon among many, and the thing the movie made him proud.

He expressed that he felt honoured to play a role in the movie.

Tim Was Changed After His Father’s Death

Tim’s father was a priest and a great guy, from what he has described. He, unfortunately, lost his life in an accident caused by a drunken guy. 

Although Tim believed that his father went to heaven, the emptiness of his father broke him and changed him entirely. 

He was not the same 11 years old kid anymore. He was not depressed, and he didn’t sit alone crying. 

Instead, he started to steal things and addict himself to drugs and alcohol.

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