Laura Leonard- Tragedy Of Eric Montross Wife

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Laura Leonard- Tragedy Of Eric Montross Wife

Laura Leonard is the wife of Eric Montross, an American professional basketball player. They have three children: Sarah Montoss, Megan, and Andrew Montoss.

Laura's real name is Laura Leonard. She is from the South, and she has a Southern accent

She is private about her life. She finished her degree at UNC in 1993

Family of Laura Leonard.
Family of Laura Leonard. Source: The Rams Club

Her Married Life 

Laura had a long and strong marriage with Eric

The couple got married in 1994, and they stayed together for almost 30 years until the death of her husband.

Because of Eric’s basketball career, they lived in places like Boston, Dallas, New Jersey, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Toronto. 

Laura is known for being down to earth despite her and her husband’s influence. 

She also helped create a tennis fundraiser called Raise a Racquet for UNC Children’s Hospital and co-founded the Arts in Action program at Frank Porter Graham Elementary

Now, she serves on the board of directors for Be Loud! and the UNC Children’s Hospital Board of Visitors

Laura Leonard with her late husband, Eric Montoss.
Laura Leonard and her late husband, Eric Montoss. Source: Pinterest

Death Of Her Loving Husband

Her husband, Eric, used to play basketball for the University of North Carolina in college, and he won a big championship. 

He died at the age of 52. His cancer treatment began in March. But he couldn't survive and died battling cancer. It was such a devastating and tragic moment for such a loving family.

Eric was 7 feet tall and played in the NBA for many teams, such as the Boston Celtics, Dallas Mavericks, Toronto Raptors, and Philadelphia 76ers

During college, he was part of a team that won a national championship in 1993

After his playing days, he talked about basketball on the radio for UNC games

People like him for being a good person and helping at a children’s hospital. 

The UNC chancellor said nice things about him, and his family thanked the doctors who tried to help him. 

He and his wife Laura have three kids. Two daughters named Sarah and Megan and a son named Andrew


Laura was born in Lexington, North Carolina. She might be in her early 50s.

Net Worth

As an American professional basketball player, Laura's husband Eric's net worth is about $10 million

Eric Admired Coach Dean Smith A Lot

Eric talked about how honored he felt to represent UNC Lettermen at an event honoring Coach Dean Smith.

He shared memories of meeting Dean in 1988 during a casual basketball game. 

Eric also mentioned reading The Carolina Corporation, which helped him understand Coach Dean better. 

Eric mentioned Coach Dean's great qualities, such as humility, dedication, and strong convictions. 

He remembered how, as a team, their big goal was to win the national championship in 1993

Eric praised Coach Dean not just for his coaching but also for being a leader in the community and supporting desegregation in college sports. 

Even though Coach Dean didn’t seek recognition, Eric understood the good impact he had on players' lives and society in general. 

Coach Dean was not just about basketball. He made a big difference in the world beyond the court. 

Coach Dean also wanted his players to have good values off the court. 

He made them go to a place of worship every week and encouraged them to have interests outside of basketball. 

He believed that basketball shouldn’t be the only thing defining their lives. 

Coach Dean was inspired by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr's quote: Everybody can be great.” 

Coach Dean's way of leading with courage and wisdom influenced the players and helped them to focus on life beyond the basketball court. 

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