Who Is Laura Pitt-Paulford? Wife Of George Blagden

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Who Is Laura Pitt-Paulford? Wife Of George Blagden

Laura Pitt-Pulford is a musical theatre actress known for playing Carol Butler's role in Emmerdale

She is the wife of English actor George Blagden.

Laura Pitt-Pulford's husband George Blagden.
Laura Pitt-Pulford's husband, George Blagden. Source: Instagram

Marriage And Children

Laura is happily married to George.

The couple took their wedding vows as husband and wife in 2019

They met each other in the same year. George was attracted to her and asked her out. 

After dating for a few months, the two were sure that they were meant to be with each other, so they decided to tie the knot. 

A year later, they were blessed with their first child. 

They couple has been together for three years.

Laura Pitt-Pulford with her husband George Blagden.
Laura Pitt-Pulford with her husband, George Blagden. Source: Instagram


Laura is 39 years old. 

Net Worth

Her net worth is yet to be estimated. However, her husband's net worth is $3 million. 

He has managed to earn this fortune from his acting career. He also earns from brand collaboration and advertisements.

Laura Pitt-Pulford with her husband George Blagden and baby.
Laura Pitt-Pulford with her husband, George Blagden and baby. Source: Instagram

George Talked About His Character In Vikings

George played the role of Athelstan, a young Christian monk who found himself in a very different society and struggles to maintain his beliefs in Vikings society, which is very different from his home across the sea. 

He revealed in the first initial weeks on the set of Vikings, Michael and he discussed that the character Athelstan should be the eye of the audience. 

His character represents near enough of modern western society, so everything the viewers will learn about the Vikings week after week the viewers will learn through the eye of Athelstan because he is the new outsider into their community. 

He will take the audience on an educational journey. He felt great portraying that character as he got a chance to learn so many things as an actor. 

George Shaved A Circle On His Head

George was supposed to shave a circle on his head as required as per his character. 

He was playing a monk, so he had to shave his head. 

He said that it was fascinating to do so as when you are shooting a periodic drama, you don't shoot in sequence sometimes; you have to jump forward an episode and film that scene from there and then jump back. 

So it was challenging for the hair department to keep his stubble because the hair grows as time passes, and to match the length of the shaved stubble area, was quite interesting. 

He had to shave his hair frequently because of that. He said that it was an interesting experience. 

The hair department had a hard time maintaining the same stubble as before. 

Favorite Things Of Laura

In an interview, Laura shared some of her few favorite things. 

Her favorite destination is New York, but to relax, she loves South France.

She likes caffeine and loves to chill out with wine. She loves Japanese cuisine. Her favorite thing to eat is Sushi Samba

Her favorite film is 'It's a wonderful life,' which she loves to watch with her grandad during Christmas

The song called 'Once in my life 'by Phoebe Wonder is her favorite film to cheer her up. 

When she goes running, it is the first song she listens to. She loves vibing in that song. 

She loves to perform in Regents Park. She loves performing outside under the sky. 

Her favorite actor is Julianne Moore

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