Who Is Laura Primack? Wife Of James Safechuck

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Who Is Laura Primack? Wife Of James Safechuck

Laura Primack is the wife of James Safechuck. Her husband is an actor. She is vice president of culture and creative services at Avatar Labs in California

She married James in 2008, and they have been together ever since. They have already celebrated their 14th wedding anniversary. They share two kids. 

Laura Primack and her husband, James Safechuck.
Laura Primack and her husband, James Safechuck. Source: Instagram

Michael Jackson Abused James 

Safechuck filed a lawsuit against Jackson production companies in 2014

However, the case was dismissed in 2017, but the case was revived in 2020 as California law extended the statute of limitations for kids who survived abuse. 

But the case was again ruled out in 2021. Companies had no legal ability to control Jackson

Now, the jury decided that the case could proceed to a trial. 

In a documentary called Leaving Neverland, the name of Michael Ranch, James opened up about his experience with Michael. 

In an interview with CBS in 2019, James and another victim, Wade Jackson, talked about how they were molested by Jackson when they were kids.


James is 45 years old. He is 5 feet 10 inches tall. He weighs around 75 kg.

Net Worth

His net worth is estimated to be $750k. He has managed to earn this fortune from his career as an actor. 

 Laura Primack's husband and their son.
Laura Primack's husband and their son. Source: Instagram

James Talked About Meeting Michael Jackson

James said that he was a huge fan of Jackson

He was doing a Pepsi commercial with him then, and people would tell him Michael would show up on set. 

He met him for the first time while doing a commercial. He said he was very excited to meet him. 

He said Michael was very friendly and likable. He instantly bonded with him as he made him very comfortable. 

They bonded after that and became friends. 

James Talked About How Michael Molested Him

James shared that Michael introduced him to masturbation. 

He said he was on tour with him, and they always used to be together. He said he used to kiss him. 

He taught him French kissing and also did oral sex. He said that, at that time, many things were happening in his head. 

He said he thought he was doing so because Michael loved him, and they were close friends. 

He said he was not frightened or afraid of him. He said he never had an idea that it was an abuse. 

He said he didn’t know what love meant then, but he felt connected to him and loved him immensely. 

He thought they were trying to make each other happy. 

He shared Michael told him that they were not gay and they were showing their love to each other. 

He had his mother with him on tour, but she was in a different room, and he used to live in Jackson's room. 

He said if he talked to someone from the staff, he would observe him and ask him what he was talking to that person.

He said he feared talking to people. 

James Said He Wanted To Fight For Little James

James said many things have been said against him after he filed a lawsuit against Michael

He was called opportunistic, trying to get money out of Jackson. He said it was not about money. 

He said he fought for little James because no one fought for him as a kid. 

He said he is mature enough to fight him now. He said no matter what the consequences would be, he would fight. 

He said he is healing with this fighting process. He thinks that there are a lot more people who are victims of his abuse. 

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