Who Is Laura Rudiger ? Wife Of Antonio Rudiger

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Who Is Laura Rudiger ? Wife Of Antonio Rudiger

Laura Rudiger is the beautiful wife of professional football player Antonio Rudiger

She was born in 1993 in Germany. Her nationality is German.

Laura Rudiger's husband, Antonio Rudiger, and their baby.
Laura Rudiger's husband, Antonio Rudiger, and their baby. Source: Instagram

Relationship Status

Laura and Antonio are a married couple. They have been dating each other since 2012.

Antonio had started his early age career at that time. He used to play for VfB Stuffgart

Their relation got official when they married each other in 2019.

The couple have a very private relationship; they aren't seen together in front of the media. 

Laura Rudiger and Antonio Rudiger holding over their newly born baby.
Laura Rudiger and Antonio Rudiger holding over their newly born baby. Source: Pinterest

About Children

Laura and Antonio are parents of two children a son and a daughter. 

Their son is the eldest one who was born in February 2020. He was named as Djamal Sahr Rudiger. 

Their daughter was born in June 2021. They named her Aaliyah Trophy Rudiger.   


The age of Laura is 28 years old. 

Net Worth

The net worth of Laura is currently not available.

Her husband's net worth is $17.3 million.

About Her Husband

Antonio was born on March 3, 1993, in Berlin, Germany. He is a professional player by his profession. 

He is playing for the  La Liga club Real Madrid and the national team of Germany. 

He recently signed for Real Madrid on June 2, 2022.

Laura Rudiger's husband, Antonio Rudiger.
Laura Rudiger's husband, Antonio Rudiger. Source: Instagram

Is Antonio A Liar?

Antonio was invited to a quiz show from Real Madrid. He was asked the question related to the clubs and football. 

The game was between Eden Hazard and Antonio. Their task was to find out whether anyone of them is lying or not. 

They had 30 seconds to answer the question; if they don't answer the correct one within the given period of time, they were blamed as a liar. 

The first question for them was how many players they can name who played in the MLS. 

Eden Hazard said he knew four at first. The same question went to Antonio; he told five. 

Again Hazard told he knew six players. Antonio told he knew seven. Hazard told Antonio he was lying. 

Now, it was time for Antonio to prove himself and get the score. He has to tell the name of all seven players. 

As the time was just 30 seconds, he was able to tell just six players, which made him a liar, and Hazard got his first point. 

Mask Man(Reason Behind Wearing Mask)

Antonio can be seen wearing a mask in his most games. Antonio wears the mask because of an injury. 

He has a bone injury on the side of his face. As a defender, he had to defend the ball from the opponents. 

Antonio's dream club was Real Madrid. Shockingly, Real Madrid was the reason behind him wearing the mask. 

He got that injury while playing against Real Madrid when Rudiger used to play for Chelsea. 

Although he had a facial injury, he still tries to give his best.

The mask helps him to protect his face from the header. He is healing day by day. 

Hope he can be seen without a a mask on the pitch and get healed soon.

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