Who Is Lauren Fryer? Girlfriend Of Declan Rice

by Sushant Sun Jul 24 2022 Updated On Sat Jul 30 2022
Who Is Lauren Fryer? Girlfriend Of Declan Rice

Lauren Fryer is an England citizen. She was born on June 16, 1999, in England. She's a Christian by her religion. 

Her nationality is English.

Lauren's Love Life 

Lauren is probably famous because of her boyfriend or partner, Declan Rice, a football player who plays for West Ham United as a Midfielder.

They began dating each other when they were teenagers. They became partners in 2017 and are still together, enjoying their love life.

Lauren Fryer with her Boyfriend, Declan Rice.
Lauren Fryer with her Boyfriend, Declan Rice. Source: Instagram

Declan Introduced Lauren

Declan introduces his girlfriend, Lauren, in a recent interview. He was describing how beautiful his girlfriend is. 

He showed some of her pictures to his fans, describing how they have spent days together on vacations and trips. 

He said that they went to Turkey for a vacation trip. 

Both of them were swimming in a pool, hugging each other. Declan is the cameraman for his girlfriend wherever they go to visit new places. 

He was embarrassed that he didn't know how to click good pictures.

Lauren was kindly introduced on social media as his girlfriend of Declan

She was invited to West Ham to sing songs. She sang the national anthem in London's West Ham stadium. 

Mostly she is a very supportive girlfriend. She can be seen everywhere with Declan.

They both look happy in their every capturing moment.


Lauren is now 23 years old. She was born on June 16, 1999.

Net Worth

Lauren's partner Declan has a net worth of 1$ Million.

Rumors About Their Relationship

Declan was misunderstood by the public through social media. 

Declan was enjoying his party during his vacation, where he met some girls. 

He was hanging around beautiful women as a real gentleman. 

Seeing those photos of Declan, people on social media just got a negative thought that he was cheating on his childhood lover Lauren and spending his time with other women.

Unfortunately, Lauren was not with him on that vacation. Otherwise, they are always seen together on every trip.

These rumors didn't affect his relationship because it was a misunderstanding among his fans and him, but not with Lauren.

Lauren Fryer's Boyfriend, Declan Rice.
Lauren Fryer's Boyfriend, Declan Rice. Source: Instagram

Recovering Memories Of Declan

Declan was born in Kingston upon Thames, London. He grew up there from his childhood. 

First, he joined Chelsea when he was seven years

After the time passed, he changed his academy and joined West Ham United

He played his first professional match but wasn't known that much.

His first goal against Arsenal led him to become renowned himself.

Closest Friend Of Declan

Declan and Mason are good friends. They know their habits, hobbies, secrets, etc. 

Because they were roommates, and probably such a thing would be shared with each others being a roommate. 

Their friendship was tested in an interview. 

They were given some sort of questions containing information about each other.

They were both asked 5 / 5 questions about each other and gave three right answers. 

Although there were two wrong answers, they knew that their friendship bond was amazing, and they won't be leaving each other in their hard times.

Declan Got Emotional 

Declan played for West Ham, where his team was growing up and playing well last year. 

No one had expected that West Ham would be such an effective and strong opponent for others. 

He said he's very proud and happy for his team by being very emotional. 

Although they got out of the championship, their game was very respectable and tough for other competitors. 

He said that next year West Ham would surely try their best for the championship than this year.

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